Completed 33 days of Nofap, but

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Hello all

33 days ago I promised that I’ll annihilate my previous 34 days streak record, and in a few hours I’ll be completing the 34 days of my 2nd attempt. It wasn’t easy but it was fun because I implemented a stricter routine and that has brought some really good changes in my behaviour, mindset, clarity of vision.

But, yesterday morning right before waking up.i had a dream that I am in bathroom and I am taking a bath and suddenly I am jerking off and then I ejaculate and right after 10 seconds or so I start feeling like shit. Mind you guys that this is all happening in my dream and I am feeling super pissed and disgusted at myself for letting down my own aspirations. That was a very tough feeling.

And then suddenly I woke up from that dream and I realised that I was dreaming, but still I checked if I had a nightfall or anything but nothing such had happened. It really felt nice to know that my Nofap streak was intact and I had not let myself down. But in a way I was also thankful that I was able to experience that shitty feeling even without actually losing my streak, all because of that f*cking dream.

I am telling you guys that this kind of dream thing has not happened to me ever before. But still it happened and I was able to see how much I regreted having jerked off because I am on a strict mode Nofap and I really am doing this to turn my life around and that zeal just drives my entire day.

So I would like to request you all that please don’t give in to any urge and don’t let your mind trick you into thinking that it’s okay to jerk off one time having been on Nofap for a few days, because believe me my friends you’ll regret it and you’ll be that same loser, pathetic and petty guy you were before embarking on this epic life transfprming journey of Nofap.

Not letting down your family & friends is important but what’s more important is not letting yourself down because there is no escape from that at all! Just fight a little harder, just make your will a little stronger in times of urges and you’ll come out victorious with high sense of achievement and that my friends will you guys the much deserved Dopamine and Adrenalin to carry out other tasks that matter. Never let yourself peek at anything that might evoke an urge as that is not really nofap, it’s not rewiring your brain.

Not peeking has tremendous benefits as that will rewire you brain to not have awkward boners around women, and rather be confident around them. So fight harder against the urges when they come you will be a better person after every urge.

Thank you


Keep going strong bro :fire::fire::fire:

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:fire::fire: realisation
Bro you know you have already crossed the tough period, now read easy peasy! Trust me read it!


Thanks bro. But what is easy peasy?




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