Enough is Enough!

Hello everyone

I am not new to this platform. I have been a member of this for the past 4 months. I started my Nofap streak for the very first time in Sept, 2020. I managed to stretch that streak upto 34 days in the very first attempt. But then some hardships came my way and my will just gave up and I was drawn back to this shitty world of PMO.

During my first streak I did a lot of research about Nofap benefits, motivations, etc. and hence I was able to strengthen my will against PMO. I just couldn’t believe how and why did I let myself fall back in this dark, wasteful pit of PMO.

Until yesterday I was masturbating. Today again I had urges but a very critical thought dawned upon me, that why are you doing this AGAIN? You could be increasing your productivity, you could be working hard in order to become an inspiration for others, you could be rising above others even during these hardships. You just have to decide and never forget your goal.

Hence, I couldn’t masturbate and just felt like crying but didn’t because it would have drawn my parents attention towards me. I felt like a failure, like a wasted individual with no ambition, no perspective.

So today, I Satya Paul take a Pledge before the members of this community that I will not give in to PMO, I will not let my parents down, I will not let this demon in my head win over my ambitions, goals, I will regularly update about my status on this platform and once again become that person I became during my first streak of 34 days and become even better than that. I freaking loved myself from those days. I want that back and I will get that back. I promise 1 month from now I’ll notify you all about my successful completion of 1 month of Nofap.



ENOUGH periodt.
We all are together in this


Full support bro!:+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Brother I am proud of you!
This is a great step. And I hope this community will encourage you to keep it. Now, I do not mean to be negative but one should not be making pledges or even promises. Because if you can not keep it, it could bring you down. Don’t make promises or anything like that. There is a quote I really like:
“The key to stopping addiction is not telling the devil you are going to stop him, stop without thinking as thinking feeds the ego, don’t plan just do”
-Allan Watts

Anyway brother, I wish you well on your journey. You have our support :partying_face:

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