Co-Operative 1,500 DAYS Challenge! 🏅



As often as you want to @rusty922 :slight_smile:


Here on day 7


I’m sure I edited my count upto 5-days yesterday, though it still read as 4-days this morning.
I’m up at 6-days now, and added 2 to the total


You have been added @miguelangel.povedasanchez, thanks for joining this fight with us :slight_smile:

@Aoshigreen if you check the records you last updated two days ago not yesterday :+1:


Haha, thanks dude! My bad


I relapsed… I am sorry.:persevere:


Hi Admin and the group members !:raised_hand: I would like to join this challenge of 1500 days without PMO. My highest streak ever was 34 days which I achieved two and a half weeks ago before I plummeted and began a period of endless relapses. I want to get to my highest point again, and beyond! I know I can do this!!

Please add me. My code is: 8beeb4


Thank you for your honesty @Kingslayer. It takes bravery to be truthful when the truth hurts, so I commend you :slight_smile:

Welcome @ncubeanelem! It is great to have you on board! Whatever your streak is right now every day helps us to get there togetber and we need all the support we can get :slight_smile: I have faith that you will be your best :+1:


@ncubeanelem What is your current streak? :slight_smile:


Hi @petrassib. My current streak is 0 days. I’m hoping to end my relapse period with the end of this month.


Ok you have been added @ncubeanelem! You will need to update your streak here yourself from now on, great to have you on the team :slight_smile: :+1:


Thank you very much. I will focus my mind on helping the team win this challenge and I will update my streak as often as I can


Should we keep it to updated if we relapse??


Oh yes @ravitejjiragihal that is one of the most important parts of this particular challenge! We rise together, we fall together :facepunch:


And dont forget to update the collective days as well…


@miguelangel.povedasanchez You need to update by editing the scoreboard yourself I don’t update other peoples days :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, this is just a quick update for this thread

We hit 1,000 days within a week, a truly amazing accomplishment! However now it seems that things have slowed down and we are a bit stuck at our current amount of days. This is ok, all good things come in time.

I wanted to acknowledge those of you that have been updating your streak regularly, especially when you relapse as that takes a lot of courage to update your counter to 0 on this Co-Operative Challenge. I really respect those that stay dedicated even when they relapse.

I adjusted our next goal to a target more reasonable after we slowed down. The next target is 1,250 days instead of 1,500. So it is well within our reach. Keep updating, keep growing, keep present with yourself.

Any new members are more than welcome to bolster our team and reach our goal together. I have faith in you all! :facepunch:


Thanks for the motivation. And I would like to remind everyone to not only update your days but as well our collective days, some of us forget it - maybe we have already more than what is written there…


That is a good point @dman! If this helps people remember then great. I expect there will always be some who forget however so I update the correct collective days every few days :slight_smile:


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