Co-Operative 1,500 DAYS Challenge! 🏅



I’d like to participate here !

Code - 557053
Current streak - 228 days
Max streak - 228 days


Thank you @kishanjot, thanks to your mighty contribution we got the last bundle of days we needed to achieve our first goal of 1,000 DAYS!!!

Well done everyone, we had 1,002 days in the end so everyones streaks were necessary to make this accomplishment. I am very proud of the community and their willingness to work together :slight_smile:

But of course we are not done yet! There is another goal for us all to achieve together:

1,500 Days!

We have already done 1,000 days in just one week, another 500 is definitely possible for us. I have faith in you all that we can meet this next goal arm in arm and continue to be our best :grin::facepunch:


Thankyou !
Together we shine, together we rise :slight_smile:


I would like join the challenge please add me.
Code - 310b89
Current streak - 1 day


You will find it the accountability section. There’s group called 5/7/15/30/60/100 Days group. There you will find it.


I have already added you @Ghandi45, thanks for chipping in :slight_smile:


Hey dude, I’ve added myself, I should be editing the tracker in the yellow box, right?


Yes @Aoshigreen that is perfect you have done it correctly from what I can see :slight_smile:


Time to join another hall of Fame :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:
User name : Ravitej
Code : 8666e9


What is your streak count @ravitejjiragihal? :slight_smile:


Im on
TheWindWaker: 65feff
Day 4


It’s only 8 bro !! How are u doing??


I don’t know how to edit this stuff. :sweat_smile:


You have been added @miguelangel.povedasanchez, thank you for joining the fight! Keep updating your days here so we can get to 1,500! :slight_smile:

What’s up @ravitejjiragihal, 8 days is good! Don’t worry I have total faith in you, we will rise again :wink:

Hey @rishabhshukla765 go to the 2nd comment where it says “Day Tracker” and click the orange edit button on the top right or the grey one on the bottom right of that comment (if that shows up for you). Then click ‘Edit Wiki’ if prompted :slight_smile:


Day 5 of my journey : D


Well done! You will need to update by editing the Day Tracker yourself :slight_smile:


Thanks i have same faith in u


Username - rusty922
Sharing Code - 23e8c4
Current Streak - 9 days


You have been added @rusty922! Great to have you on the team :slight_smile: Feel free to update your streak as it changes :+1:


Thanks. How frequently I should be updating? Everyday?