Co-Operative 1,500 DAYS Challenge! 🏅




I am very proud of you all for how far we have come and for those of you committed enough to make this happen by keeping gping and updating here :slight_smile:

We completed our second collective milsetone of 1,250 Days! That is massive, something that should not be underestimated :slight_smile:

We achieved the :3rd_place_medal: for this accomplishment. So naturally, for our next grand target of 1,500, we will be aiming for the :2nd_place_medal:!

Keep up the great work and for any newcomers who read this: You are most welcome to join and work together with us to achieve massive targets just like this one :+1:

Let’s keep this momentum going and hit 1,500 days!! :facepunch:


Sorry guys i relapsed today. What to do @petrassib


Just reset your days and reduce the total! It doesn’t matter if it goes below our last goal, we already reached it, it’s all onwards and upwards even if we scrape our knees a bit @arshad321 :grin:


Thank u @petrassib this time i will make a great streak :wink:


2 days


Almost there my friends! :facepunch:


Do you have to add all the days up manually?


I also want to join in this competition.
I am from nepal.
Please add me.


You can add yourself it’s super easy. All you have to do is to jump to post 2 on this thread, then edit in your country and flag if they’re not there and your username. (PS you’ll need your Streak to be put on the post too) @Srijalthewarrior


@Radio. …what is it


I have no idea what are u telling


There’s a blue box in the bottom right corner with a two numbers and a backslash between them. Click that box then click “jump to…”


@BruceLee I was testing, how tagging people works. That’s why I had a post that said ‘testing 123 123 123.’


I’d be pleased to join!
Username: Lumineon
Current Streak: 0 days.


@Lumineon Your sharing code??..


k8mxw1 thank you!


Hello from Russia :ru: add me please wznq3s 0 days


Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to edit. Please add me xffdzk


I am at day 2. So you can add 2 days from me :heavy_plus_sign: