Classic Challenge to fight the new Drug (entries closed)

Hello, all the person who want’s to Stop :stop_sign: this ugly, bad habit.


Here is a Challenge for people who want to stop this but can’t do,
In this challenge we are not only trying to build this bad habit but also trying to make a new habit that gives success.
Main intention would be making you guys enough strong so that You can earn atleast sitting at home and slowly destroy this habit.

In this challenge we are gonna stop PMO, and start to take out some time to learn an activity it can be anything you like, or we gonna discuss also.

The Challenge Starts on 25th July.

To enter in this challenge,
@Parker27 Yourname


Rules Of this challenge :

#Rule 1: NO PMO
#Rule 2: +5 everyday for no PMO and -15 for any of thease
#Rule 3: Learn Daily, As we are Cultivating a new habit also (+5)
#Rule 4: Battle mode- Two players can challenge each other and one who win will get +15 and other a -5
#Rule 5: This challenge is for you, so don’t lie
# Rule 6 : At starting everyone will have an 0 point

At Next Month 20th July Those who has less than 30 points will get eliminated and once eliminated can’t Join.


Score board :

  1. @Parker27 => 5
  2. @Plutus => 15
  3. @risinglion123 - 35
  4. @Derek38 - 45
  5. @WalkWithoutFear - 35
  6. @Surbatingsi - 60
  7. @Jiruyu - 35
  8. @babi - 35
  9. @PAARTHnf1234 - 35

Battle Board :

Challengers name will be put here,

  1. @Surbatingsi :crown: v/s @Parker27
  2. @Surbatingsi v/s @PAARTHnf1234
  3. @parker27 v/s @Plutus

In this group You will get a daily motivation needed, strategies, advices, tactics

We Can learn some skills that helps to deal with the damages we got over time,

  1. Exercise:muscle: : the physical damage that you done can be healed, make muscles and look muscular

  2. Communication Skills : Next heavy damage you’ve got is the low self confidence that instead we are gonna try to learn how to be a great and confident speaker

  3. Meditation : Next Great damge that we have got is mental, So we’ll do meditation everday and a set of more miraculous Yoga like,

a. Shambhavi Mahamudra - Increase your Brain power exponentially that you damged overtime
b. Ashwini Mudra - Simple Yogana that controls Lust
c. Tribandh aasan- to Regain the lost Strength by excessive PMO
d. Tratak- Simple Yoga that boosts Focus that you all needed as PMO cuts down your focus

  1. Diet - we will not eat non- veg for next 30 days, (if promblems that eat very little), eating Grams soaked in water everday, Bananas, amla, milk with turmeric, Not be eating a single sugar
    If possible you guys gry to replace your iodine salt with the Rock salt, that uodine salts decreases the sprem count

  2. Read Books - if needed pdf will be sent to you, but read atleast 15 pages a day

  3. Study - Study atleast 7-8 hours a day and study effectively methods will be discussed

  4. Timetable - Try to make your time table having a learning time, exercise and studytime in it. And follow by heart

  5. Diaries - Maintain A Jounal talking about how you are loving thease days of sufferings, or how much you are suffering,

Each point will be discussed in a more elaborated way later.


Killer steps to deal with current urges

  1. Start doing Pushups, then situps and squats immediately
  2. Drink a lot of water and pee
  3. Have a readymade if-but list where you already made possible things that can led you to relapse and its counter points
  4. Be focused everytime, and be Busy
    5.Talk to your Parents
  5. Stay away from the people who talk about these things everytime
  6. Listen to your favorite music🎵
  7. Go out your Room
  8. Hold you breath
  9. Help someone daily
  10. Maintain the diet
  11. Have clear reason to stop and if possible paste in your wall in front of you all time


MY NAME : plutus


I have added you bro


Add me
Code : 8uwuwa


I have added you bro

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You have to win.

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I’m ready!
Name: Derek

Discussion on urges :sunny:

  1. Always Cold Showers , Mediate, Perform Yoga and workout
    Study also shows that if you workout before Sunrise Your urges will decline drastically

  2. try to avoid YouTube and Google as it may cause triggers

  3. No Non - Veg Diet and No Eggs At any Cost coz non veg increases heat of the body

  4. Drink adequate water

  5. Plan your Day , Write your Schedule in a Notebook and Follow it Sincerely

  6. Share more time and talk frequently with family to not feeling Lonely

  7. Use 10 Seconds Rule … If Thought came then See the Thought and Observes him , Within 10 Seconds Divert the Thought

  8. Have a diary and write everyday how’s you are feeling about this life and also a diary called Brain dairy where you can write how your brains tries to escape out of it by several times, what apeal it gives
    (It will be more discussed later)

:sparkles: Panic Mode

When Urges are Higher

:star: Meditate (Focus on your Breathe )

:star: Go Outside ( Alone or With Friends )

:star: Keep Yourself Surrounded with People and Talk with Them

:star: Do Hardcore Workouts 100 Push Ups and 100 Sit Ups and 100 Jumping Jacks

:sparkles: Ultra Panic Mode

When Urges are at the Highest

:star: Switched Off your Phone and Pc and Go away

:star: Take Cold Showers Immediately It’s a Instant Urge Killer Believe me …

:star: Talk to Your Mom and Family Member Immediately


Right on time brother :fire:

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I’m interested to try this. I will do it.
Sharing code - 826714
Time for warrior time :muscle:


Great tips! I just came back from some early morning land-scaping work and I was having urges before I left, but now they’ve just been replaced by hunger :laughing:

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Thanks bro… thanks :+1:

Great to hear it man…:slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s Make it brothers !!!


Definitely brother :fire:we are in this together :fire:

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