Christian Discussion/Debate

Does anybody want to have a civil discussion or debate about a specific topic? What translation is best? Did God really create everything? What kind of baptism does the Bible talk about? Or any other question anybody may have. I am not looking to start a fight, and I’m only interested in friendly discussion. If nobody is interested, or nobody replies, I’ll just trash the idea and get rid of the thread. No harm done.


Are catholics Christians?

@Radio That depends on your definition of “Christian.” If you are referring to the general religious/political categorization, then yes, Catholics are Christians. If you are referring to those who habe put their faith in Christ, are saved, and going to Heaven, then no, Catholics are not Christians.
However, there is not an entire denomination that falls into the second category, because being a Christian happens on an individual level. Some Catholics are saved, some are not. Some Protestants are saved, some are not. Some Baptists are saved, some are not.


@MB16 I completely agree with you!

@Radio I’m glad you agree. Are you Catholic?

@MB16 naw, I’m not catholic but must of my dad’s side of the family is catholic except him. I’ve gone to Baptist and Non-denominational churches for the most part, but to be truthful I don’t really care about what denomination a church is. I just care about serving the Lord and growing in him

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@Radio That makes sense, most of my dad’s side is Catholic as well, but they don’t really care about serving God. So they are basically Catholic in name only.
I’m an Independent Baptist

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I’m kinda late but if someone wants to revive this topic I’m in. I like discussions hehehe


Let’s try…

What translation is best? I don’t know, for me all of them they are reliable and I always compare them, I don’t separate one superior to another.

Did God really create everything? Yes, if the bible says it so it’s true for me. If the question is about evil, demon and some thing like this I believe that God allows their existence to show that there’s only one way, who’s him. Does it make sense to everyone? No, because people want to understand things according to his own understanding taking the context, and several other issues that only He can clarify.

What kind of baptism does the Bible talk about? For me it’s the sprinkling baptism due to lots of things that the bible describes, having in mind that the book itself is self explained given the intertextuality in it.

How about you? Share with us. :thinking::pray:

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God simply is, in his own words, “I am”


Nobody created God. He is eternal, from ever to ever.


I would like to discuss with you about God’s creation and the like. (I enjoy most discussion as well as occasionally playing devils advocate) One thing that I believe is that God not only allows for evil to exist, but he created it and operates it. That is what it means to me to be omnipotent, literally having all power, even over the things in exact opposition to him.
While I’m at it I’ll comment on baptism. I think that there is no specific right way to baptize. That it’s more of a mindset than an actual thing. Baptism is the physical representation of a Christians rebirth in grace. (water signifies grace after all) and although some baptisms can seem better than others, what truly matters is if the Christian accepts that grace in their heart and believe that they have been reborn. If not, then they were not truly baptised. I also don’t agree with the notion of “once saved always saved” because we can still sin after that baptism, instead, I think of baptism kinda like a save point. When you realize that you have lost your way, you can go back to you baptism and accept that grace once again and continue forward for God.
You don’t have to necessarily debate me in all of this, you can just pick a topic and I’d love to discuss it.

The Nicene creed says

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,
the only Son of God,
eternally begotten of the Father,
God from God, Light from Light,
true God from true God,
begotten, not made,
one in Being with the Father.

Basically he was always there, it’s like asking who created the Big Bang or the first atom

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Ö Now that’s cheating XD

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Your understanding of the term ‘God’ seems off…

There are only two things that need to exist by necessity of being- one being God and the other abstract entities. If something else created God, that thing would be God.

The Universe doesn’t have to exist. But it does. It certainly doesn’t have to.

If God is just another one of the causes within the system of causes that science explains, then we would need to search for a cause for God as well. But if God is something fundamentally different from the created order (what theologians call “transcendent”), then our demand for a cause of God’s being is confused and misapplied.

Modern conceptions of God are often strongly influenced by the “deism” movement of the Eastern Enlightenment, which portrayed God as an explanation for the origin of the universe, the moral law, and not much else. The deist God is the gray-haired old man in the “attic”, who doesn’t bother much with us on the lower floors.

But this is wildly at odds with both Scripture and historical Christian theology, which see God as intimately involved with his creation as both creator and sustainer.

“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; for in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or powers—all things have been created through him and for him. He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”

  • Colossians 1:15-17

God, as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, is not just the explanation for the beginning of the universe, but for the existence of anything at all—whether past, present, or future. All time, space, and matter depend on God’s sustaining power for their existence, in every moment. These things are contingent; that is to say, they don’t have to exist, and so because they do exist, we are right to ask for the causes of their existence. But Christian theologians have understood God to be a necessary being. Asking for a cause of a necessary being is like asking how much the color blue weighs—it is a category mistake.

The Universe is a contingent thing. It doesn’t have to exist. But since it does exist, it requires a necessary cause as it’s explanation. There are only two possible necessary beings that are being: God and abstract objects. The latter isn’t something that can create anything what so ever.

If the Universe didn’t exist, then God would not be a necessary being, but here by virtue of it’s own nature it does exist, hence it requires a necessary being as a cause.

May have gone a bit long- but yeah, to me it’s perfectly logical to see that God exists.

Be sure to check out the ontological argument as well as the cosmological argument :slight_smile:


I have questions for you

  1. Why does the universe exist?
  2. How is matter alive? (Like your body) I mean, how did it start? Because you can’t make organic matter starting from inorganic matter so how were the first cells born?
  3. You probably believe in the evolution theory if you are atheist so why did everyone else die after someone of that species evoluted? I mean, why didn’t they die before if they weren’t adapt for life?
  4. For real can you look at a scheme of human body and think it was just a case-

Btw this is just to understand what you believe no hate or anything XD

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to be honest, i don’t think that creation theory and evolution theory exclude each other.
They only exclude each other if you take the bible word by word but as soon as you take it figuratively, it works perfectly.

If god is almighty, than he could have created a start which evolves into the current world. If he is almighty he knows how he needs to define the starting conditions and how the worlds evolves from there. For example if he provides hydrogen to the empty space he knows that this will aggregate, form carbon, form life.

At some point I read the following comparison (sorry, I can’t recite it word by word):

  • At the beginning there was light, then god formed the earth. Next, he formed the plants to colonize the earth. Then in the end came the human.
  • At the beginning there was a flash of light (the big bang), the atoms started to aggregate and formed the earth, the elements on earth like carbon started to form molecules to build plants, these became sentient at some point due to the formation of neurons which led to the development of humans.

In this, I see the same history explained just with another focus. There are enough examples that evolution did take place but I’m pretty sure that god has planned that. He knew that this is going to happen when he started the course of this world with the big bang. (This is how I can combine my scientific, skeptical background with theism)


But what was the need by the way to do that?
What was the need to create world?
What was the need to create so much pain and suffering?
Was His life became boring?
Had he done that for fun or entertainment?
By the way who gave him power to do that?

Because He loved humans even before they existed.
And nobody gave Him the power, He already had it


But there is no proof of Big Bang, it’s just acceptable, not verified . _.