Christian Discussion/Debate


Does anybody want to have a civil discussion or debate about a specific topic? What translation is best? Did God really create everything? What kind of baptism does the Bible talk about? Or any other question anybody may have. I am not looking to start a fight, and I’m only interested in friendly discussion. If nobody is interested, or nobody replies, I’ll just trash the idea and get rid of the thread. No harm done.


Are catholics Christians?


@Radio That depends on your definition of “Christian.” If you are referring to the general religious/political categorization, then yes, Catholics are Christians. If you are referring to those who habe put their faith in Christ, are saved, and going to Heaven, then no, Catholics are not Christians.
However, there is not an entire denomination that falls into the second category, because being a Christian happens on an individual level. Some Catholics are saved, some are not. Some Protestants are saved, some are not. Some Baptists are saved, some are not.

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@MB16 I completely agree with you!


@Radio I’m glad you agree. Are you Catholic?


@MB16 naw, I’m not catholic but must of my dad’s side of the family is catholic except him. I’ve gone to Baptist and Non-denominational churches for the most part, but to be truthful I don’t really care about what denomination a church is. I just care about serving the Lord and growing in him

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@Radio That makes sense, most of my dad’s side is Catholic as well, but they don’t really care about serving God. So they are basically Catholic in name only.
I’m an Independent Baptist