"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



@BruceLee - I mean Atanatar as @Atanatar :sweat_smile:


Half a month check in???
Feeling like a superhero :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


All good…friday checkin…hard mode on from today onwards


Check in, day 5/7.
I’m full of energy :wink:


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 1, Friday


Checking in - No urge, low energy


Does wet dream is counted as relapse ?I have read its not relapse as it is involuntary and it happens normally??


Check in Day 5. Relapse. First time that I have gone to 5 days in a long while. 7+ next goal!!


A wet dream isn’t a relapse. You have no control over it and you never make a choice to do it. It’s just a natural occurance


Ok…thnks for the clarification…I was also thinking the same ,but had doubt


Day 70 Friday
Little headache no motivation, trying to get up


Week 17 ~ Freitag! Gut! :+1:
Incredible dream last night - words don’t suffice.
It was a long flowing one.

There was a flying (hovering) part, but lost the ‘knack’ of hovering/flying because it became boastful, showing off, prideful - un-free, but still fun, free and fantastical.

I was in another place, many things happening, with many people, pine cones being dropped into this underground lake, legs/hands touching with this lady - those sparks flying.
Leaving, letting go, going upstairs into the upper/ground level of the bungalow alone, seeing animals in the meadow coming closer, a talking horse with eyes at the front of it’s face, asking something like “why are you afraid? (are you pussy?)” and feeling the need to close the windows to not allow them to get in the bungalow down into the open magical underworld, which was already crazy enough :sweat_smile: the dream went on, and met a group, (family?) People who I thought were a lot younger until one said “No, I’m actually 28”… “dude, I thought you were like 19”

Why did I have such a Blesséd dream?
My ideas about some work/music plans?
Thinking about struggles/journeys of companions here?
Visualising the first chapter of ‘12 Rules for life’ - J.Peterson talking about lobsters and wrens?
The nasty relapse the other day, and feeling consciously sick from it?
Loosing the guilt/self judgement of my low counter/ caring, daring to give advise here?
Knowing - actually you don’t need to feel so shit after a relapse?

I naturally felt sick after the last relapse,
Natural shame and guilt.

Just being here is GOOD!
Rejoice and be glad!
Your natural conscience will lead you. Hope & Trust. No need to add worry and anxiety to this journey.
We’re all here doing the best with what we have right now.

I was truly grateful, and am to be here with you guys. It helped me get over that recent sickening fall I had, without a need to dwell and live in hell.

I feel like I had a glimpse of heaven last night.

And recently I realise I’ve spent too much time distracting myself from God, by routinely attending church most mornings.
That said, it doesn’t mean - I shouldn’t routinely go to church, but be aware of divinity around me, every step of the way.


Hope you’re well bro



“be aware of divinity around me, every step of the way”

Thanks my Friend.


Week 17 - Friday - Day 16

Checking in. All good. Had some dinner yesterday with old friends. Appreciating simple things.


check in, day 6/7.
I’m totally exhausted.


Checking in


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 2, Saturday


Check in…doing good…next rank swordman…ll become emperor :smiling_imp::person_fencing: