"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Checking in - All Good


Check in day 13 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: am gonna rock this world


Day 68 Wednesday
On the way of becoming winner from loser :sunglasses:


Day 3 Doing good today. Felt energy that I’ve not felt in awhile!


Week 17 ~ Wednesday 27th Feb
Lots of interesting dreams.
Thoughts arouse this morning - dismissed
It came to mind; plant positive words

5pm :fried_egg:
Try to do stuff, urge, edge, live in the mind, then fail - that is all


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Feb 27, Wednesday


Check in, day 3/7.
I’m energized :slight_smile:


Week 17 - Wednesday

Something in my mind is saying… Why you don’t watch some pxxx today? You deserve to relax and watch… It’s already two weeks. Do it…

And I say. No! I don’t because I feel so good to keep my energy clean. I feel good when I say No. I feel good to know that I can. That I’m stronger when I say No. I’m a human being. Yes. I feel the sexual energy. But I don’t want to waste it in front of a screen. I want to keep it for the good of my best self and for the good of all the people that are around me. Because if I feel clean. I also feel better and stronger. And I can give with a more truthful open heart. Let’s pray! Thanks Lord!


Check in day one. The battle if the mind is like bietch. But I’m an overcomer.


Day 4 tada…no fap…3 more days for sunday.:grinning:


Shit this is not easy. :cold_sweat:
I was close to relapse.
I pushed the urge botton on the app… it did work… mostly because of the possitive message the app shows that remind the shit that porn is , and why I want to quit…
Ayway, I’m anxious but I passed the day 16 :muscle:


Check In, day 4/7.
I have some urges.


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Feb 28, Thursday

Gonna start checking-in in the morning from now rather than in the afternoon.


Day 69 Thursday
A wind that blows aimlessly is no good to anyone


Day two - good to go


Check in Day 4 Doing well


Week 17 ~ Thursday
Grateful for the kinship :+1:


Week 17 - Thursday - Day 15

Checking in. All good.


Don’t give up my Friend!


I second that Atanatar, BruceLee. My brothers :+1: