"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Week 17 ~ Saturday 2nd March
Simply checking-in :+1:


Can someone give suggestion on exercises for few minutes to burn energies


@reboot123 Me; I like to do rounds of x10 push-ups, x10 squats, and keeping adding more.


Day 71 Saturday
I had great sleep :night_with_stars: to morning to afternoon lol
Will do some exercise to get some energy in body


Week 17 - Saturday - Day 17

Feeling to watch… Help!


@Atanatar It’s just an urge, I encourage you to avoid ideas, questions, making plans to stop, ie; blockers, “what’s the best way to quit?” “I want/don’t want” etcetera…

There will be massive rewards in persistence

Just get through the day,
treat yourself to nice good things, a walk, a glass of wine, something different?
Explore somewhere outside.
Go somewhere you’ve never been.
Have some ice cream :shaved_ice: a nice movie :movie_camera: comedy, a good book :orange_book: and a peaceful early night :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

Get through today, tomorrow will be beautiful :rose:


Yes. Thank you brother. I feel the need to have a true woman and make love. I’m going to cycling now till I feel better. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate. You are a good man. Dio ti benedica!


Grazie mille mio fratello. I totally feel you!

I have penance given by my priest in confession because of a recent fall.
I was asked to prayer the magnificat and focus especially on “Holy is His Name, His Mercy is from generation to generation on those who fear (respect) Him…”
So I’ll play and sing with plainsong to help bring meditation / reflection.

I have some work late this evening :+1::moneybag:
And look forward to reading more J.Peterson before sleeping.

La pace sia con te


Is alcohol good ?
Can’t it trigger you?


I feel you too… Thank you brother. Peace!


No, alcohol doesn’t trigger me, but I also don’t drink much.
Weed is a strong trigger for me.


Too much wine can trigger me as I’m less in control. But lately I’m having not much and only in the evening. Peace.


Better be careful :smile:
I’m realising setting myself work goals and not completing them / or getting stuck causes triggers, so I’m being careful right now.
Taking breaks and clearing my mind.

How about you @weir - what are some of your triggers?


My triggers are torrents :smiley:
I am always lonely but never watched from last 72 days
Blocked nothing


Sundaý checkin.no fap


Well done for your 72 days friend!


Checking in All good…
Last day of week 17


Week 17 ~ Sunday 3rd March
:+1: All good today,
But I was overly confident yesterday :fried_egg: and looked at my favourite model on YouTube, which turned into browsing (safe search) Google images with pics from Twitter and Pinterest for anything hot with safe search and k9 blocking anything.
Forgive me guys, especially Atanatar after giving advice, and my plans for the evening.
I’ve added a few more blocks to k9.

I wish I could lock restricted mode in YouTube permanently.

Feel gutted, but positive at the same time.



Brother you are doing your best. It’s not easy and this is why we are here. We don’t know when and how. Triggers are everywhere. Especially into our minds. Anyway at list we are aware and try our best to be vigilant. Wish you a good Sunday.


Thank you dearly my friend, it really helps a lot, you’re very kind, grazie mille :pray: