"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Check in - day 6
All good…


Day 44 Sunday
No sleep last night that’s again shittiest decision by me not to sleep at night it’s just one of my bad habit but today I will sleep as early as possible


Week 13 ~ domenica :sunny:
We are already saved, we are in the right place, we are persisting, God knows we want freedom from vice :pray:


Checking in - Sunday, February 3. Day 7 of week 13. All good.


Week 14 ~ Montag! Ja!

Still haven’t gone to bed yet, though it’s gone midnight, so it’s already tomorrow :sweat_smile:

Had some struggles recently and a little worked up over the pace of meeting a nice lady.

I need to accept myself for who I already am,
And keep doing the things I love, regardless of everything!


I wanted to take a break until I could regain my resolve. I’m one day in. Thank you guys


Check in
Week 14, Monday


Check-in - day 7
All good…


Chking in week 14 monday
All good


Day 45
Good Afternoon
Yesterday was great so will be today, will write in my diary thread


Checking in - All good.
Week 14 - Feb 4, Monday.


Checking in day 4
Persistency beats counting days.
Everyday and hour is an adventure.
Stay focused and you wont fall. :muscle::fire:


Barely made it today, but made it! Feelings of anxiety but no more, thankfully, I am trusting Him. Day 2~


Day 46 Tuesday

Still no urge to watch any silly things, i also stopped watching movies & TV series


Check in
Week 14, Tuesday

:confused: today i got wet dream


Check in- day 8
All good…


Week 14 ~ Tuesday

Up early, long walk to the other church.
I’m grateful for to be part of such a community.

Our prayers add nothing to your Greatness Lord, but it is, itself a gift of your grace :pray:

A pure steadfast heart, create for me O Lord :pray:


Checking in - All good.
Week 14 - Feb 5, Tuesday.


Chking in Tuesday


Check in
Week 14, Wednesday