"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Daily check in…day 3
All good…


Day 6 check in
Life is freaking hard and it will try to destroy you in every possible way, BUT U HAVE TO SHINE THROUGH THAT PAIN SHIINE


Week 13 ~ Thursday

Lots I want to say, but just checking-in :+1:


Checking in - Thursday, January 31. Day 4 of week 13. All good.


Checking day 5.
I didn’t post in the past 2 days, because I was afraid. Post relapse, the urge is High in the first 2 weeks.

I feel like I wanted to watch porn again, and if I check in, I will made commitment not to watch porn.

Ended up, I spent 2 minutes watching softcore last night but manage not to Fap.

So this morning, i dig deep down into my conscience, I scrolled up to my previous post during the 83 days streak and decided to check in to show my commitment.

Day 5 of week 13.
Everything is good so far for the 5 days and I intend to keep it clean until the next post.


Check-in Day 5 Week 13


Check in - day 4
All good…


Check in relapse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Like I know when I see a sexy sight I have no chance um gonna relapse eventually, the only way is for me to not see women, I will hit 1 million years of nofap but what canI do


Week 13 ~ Friday
Check-in :+1:


Day 43 Friday
Little frausted today but it’s all ok now
7:00 pm here still no productivity today
Good thing is I haven’t relapsed on my 6th attemp


Checking in - Friday, February 1. Day 5 of week 13. All good.


Check in day 7… Sorry for long time no check in


Check in - day 5
All good…


Finally reach the initial aim of this thread.

Day 6 of week 13
Things are good as far as no fapping is concerned.
But still couldn’t stop myself from watching porn for the past 2 days.

Despit watching less than 5 minutes, I am really scared that it will lead to relapse eventually.

Truly each relapse will bring us back to day 1,as if whatever streak previously made no different.


Checking in - Saturday, February 2. Day 6 of week 13. All good.


Day 6 Week 13 ~ Saturday


Week 13 ~ Saturday
@andriono2 @Rohitash @nGpS09 @adequatemonty @BruceLee

Thanks to all for Checking-in! :+1:


Day 43+ Saturday
Only 10 mins productivity today better than nothing at all
Today will do 2 hour work before sleep


Relapsed last night.
It was something bound to happen.
Just a matter of when.

I couldn’t get myself to the mental level and to the determination of the 83 day streak.

Not really sure what to do now.
I am not giving up but I couldn’t see how this going to work now.


Day 7 of Week 13 , Sunday :+1: