"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Week 13 ~ Monday :+1:
A new week, a new day,
Always a new moment.


Checking in_ Tuesday Jan 29 Day 2 of week 13


Check in day 3… Be joyful today guys


Check-in - day 1
Be blessed…peace


@Aoshigreen miss you yara😉


Aoshigreen I will come to Brtitan to meet you one day brother :sunglasses:


Week 13 ~ Tuesday :+1:

:pray:Thank you dude, I hope all is well in your daily life, and with your friends :pray:

I’ve wondered what it’d be like meeting a companion from here :smile:


Day 4 check in :slight_smile:


Checking in - Tuesday, January 29. Day 2 of week 13. All good.


CheckinDay2 of Tuesday.
Everything is good.
But after relapse, the urge is somehow higher, so I decided to type here and give myself some encouragement to stay clean.


Some urges building up suddenly sadly
Having too much pressure in your life just potentiates relapse so much :frowning_face:


Three days in, heads up!


@WarriorNS - same here bro! Yesterday and today have been full of urges.


Check-in day 2
All good…


Check in Wednesday, Day 3 week 13 :+1:


Brother we became lifetime friends now… Wherever i leave on this earth… I will not forget u… Lucky to have friends like you… Maktub bro


Day 5 check in
U gotta push through maan PUSHH


Week 13 ~ Wednesday

Thank you @Swapnil - I will not forget you too brother. This community should always be in our prayers!

Thank you @WarriorNS - I pushed through.
I indefinitely need God in everything

Went to Tai Chi class last night, the Qi Gung set my legs on fire.

Today I set a new password for K9 using the first letter of every paragraph in the first chapter of Confessions by St. Augustine.

It’s valentines day soon, I need to get my act together and sweep her of her feet.

I need to stay close to God at ALL times.

Thanks be to God for each blessing,
especially when I don’t notice it.

Keep your eyes sharp!

Keep on track

Stick to the plan!

And Rewire.

Do I want to be richly blessed - to be able to give and receive good things? Always

Glory to God in The Highest!


Checking in - Wednesday, January 30. Day 3 of week 13. All good.


Week 13 - Day 4 … All good