"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Checking in Saturday
Day 6 of week 12
All OK… :+1:


Day 1 check in :slight_smile: am just gonna do it again :slight_smile:


Checking in - Saturday, January 26. Day 6 of week 12. All good.

Happy Republic Day to those here from India! :india:


Check in day 8… Live our life purposefully. It’s not our… It’s His… Use it for His glory!


Week 12 ~ Saturday

Amen @andriono2 :pray:


I’m not doing so hot. Messed up again this morning. Seem to be in a chain. Thanks for your prayers @Aoshigreen please keep praying for me. I’m committing to reset from now on and do my best!


I am relapse… Sorry comrade…
Please pray for me… Hope i always desire God, more than anything else in my life


Amen @andriono2 :pray: Peace be with you


Checking in Sunday
Last day of week 12
All Good


Day 2 check in :slight_smile: try before you complain


Checking in - Sunday, January 27. Day 7 of week 12. All good.


Hi I’m a man with 8+ years struggling with porn and fapping. Hope I can get fix and be better with this this addiction by join the group.

How can I join this diary challenge?


Week 13, Day 1 Monday.
It is early morning in Kuala Lumpur.
Everything is OK so far.


Check in day. Count your blessing and be gladDfor every gift of God!


Hi @Gunso_soon, just give your country and sharing code, and ‘Check-in’ every day with a diary post :+1:


Checking in
Week 13 - Monday :+1:


Day one after reset, checking in.


Day 3 check in :slight_smile: , Stress is a dangerous zone of relapse


Check in…day 0
1day at a time… building hope and seeking support frm the brothers of this journey…NOFAP.


Checking in - Monday, January 28. Day 1 of week 13. All good.