"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Week 12 ~ Wednesday :+1:
Molto bene!


Checking in Thursday
Day 4 of week 12
All Good


Day 4 checking in.
Today I feel like things are getting a little better in controlling myself. More that I have now is the drive and the goal to do what I must do this year. Accomplishing many goals not just NoFap.
Everyday is just a day to grow More or learn. A journey. No day is the same.


Check in day 7… Hope we use the stength and grace needed for this day


Fuck mah life :angry:


Don’t beat yourself up. There’s still people doing it twice, thrice daily, but you are here with us, fighting it :pray:


Checking in - Thursday, January 24. Day 4 of week 12. All good.


Week 12 ~ Thursday
All good :+1:


Messed up two days ago. Checking in, day two.


@spencer.wentland - Glad to see you checking-in bro :+1:


Check in day 8… Focus ourself to the purpose… Dont make an action without purpose


Checking in Friday
Day 5 of week 12
All OK…


Week 12 ~ Shukkarwar (Friday)
Alles klar!

@andriono2 I wish I could double like that statement :joy::+1:


Bro I check this week everyday :slightly_smiling_face:

Shukrawar = Friday :+1:


:man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2: Sorry, my bad.
Thanks for taking note, dude :+1:


Checking in - Friday, January 25. Day 5 of week 12. All good.


Checking in.
Watch a trigger.
Not flapping yet.

First time in this week.
Thought I was over it already


Messed up last night and this morning. :man_facepalming:


Come on bro! Please God, give what is needed :pray: Amen


Messed up.
83 days.
And I messed up.



Reflection of a relapse after 83 days of no fap.
We are so used to easy and quick pleasure.
I was in a lot of stress, and despite the 83 days of no fap, the brain keep reminding us the easiest pleasure to numb the pain of stress.

It will start with softcore or pictures.
But the pleasure that has numb the pain require a lot more and you will continue watch the other.

If anything I learn from the relapse is to learn new way to handle stress. Get new things that gave us pleasure.

Urges will get too high at one point, that the pleasure we seek will look like compulsory. At that point, physical avoidance is the key.

I’ll work hard to achieve it again.
But I realise the inner determination that propel myself to 83 days.

Now have to work hard to find it again.