"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Check in - day 9
All good…


Day 47
Very weird dreams, past memories dream but it’s very vivid


Checking in - All good.
Week 14 - Feb 6, Wednesday.


Chking in Wednesday
All good
I m thinking of doing polyphasic sleep from tomorrow


Week 14 ~ Wednesday

Midweek :+1:


Not doing so hot, please pray for me. Still trusting him.


:pray: @spencer.wentland You’re alright bro , don’t worry :pray:


Check in
Day 4 of Week 14, Thursday
All ok…


Check in - day 10
All good…


Day 48 Thursday

Yesterday night 12 am done some productivity but felt little anxiety before sleep, took medicine for anxiety and depression


Checking in - All good.
Week 14 - Feb 7, Thursday.


Day 1 check in
“Am getting tired of trying, It starts to feel unneccessary because you will eventially fail”
Keep this mindset and you will achieve nothing in life :slight_smile:


Felt ashamed.
Dunno where else to go.
Dunno what else to do.


Day one back in the game.


Good for checking-in! @nGpS09 what was your feelings leading up to the relapse? And what thoughts brought on those feelings?
Wishing you peace

Week 14 ~ Thursday :+1:


What was your streak why did you relapsed?
What was the cause? Write it down and start again
It’s not time to feel a shame or anything it’s time to start again because the time will pass anyway


Checkin day 13.
Sorry for longtime no check in… Been so busy and forgot to check in.

Hope we always be joyful whatever our condition. For a joyful heart will give us strength to overcome temptation


Please pray for me :man_facepalming:


Check in
Day 5 of Week 14, Friday, Shukrawar :blush:
All ok…


Check in - day 11
All good…