"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge

Bless you my brother :pray:
You always pop up in my prayers, but will make a conscious effort to pray for you tomorrow.

Is there something specific I can pray for? Like virtue of patience? Or something?


@Aoshigreen Thank you bro - patience is a virtue I really need at this moment. :pray:t5:


I need patience too.
And a lot of strength for work & relationships :pray:


Week 46 ~ Tuesday

All good :+1: Thanks be to God.

Nobody has ever mentioned it, or maybe I just haven’t noticed - but conflict in the mind, to me, is the real adversary.
Most of my falls have been due to unresolved thoughts, conflict, doubt, or simply failing to accept it - the hard times.

I remember trying to practice Tai Chi short form by memory a few weeks ago, and because I couldn’t remember, hands go down the pants.
If I struggle at work, or don’t find solutions, hands, usually open up YouTube etcetera…

Conflict comes from various places.
Life isn’t always perfect.
Conflict can emerge from anywhere.
How we deal with it, I don’t actually know.
How I deal with it, I have to go to the final solution, God :pray:

If you had a son, how would you love him? :pray:


I went to Tai Chi this evening, and beat my mate on Fifa tonight :joy:


Check-in Week 46 - TuesDay 2 - Sep 17
:fried_egg:Reset the counter after dilemma of To Relapse or Not ⚠️ [NSFW]
But I’m not back where I started, learning something from everytime.
Phenoix Rises.


Damn, I failed again, this is the 4992th time, it’s not even tragic anymore, it’s just boring. Last week, I started well a few days, then kept edging a little almost everyday, until I got totally depressed on weekend, and relapsed all the way to PMO.
I’m starting over, and trying to focus a little more on my work. Some things in my life are getting better, hopefully it will help me. There’s something that must change inside, in order to this work for me.

Good luck guys, thanks for being here, and checking in.


Week 45 - Tuesday

All good. Two full weeks without PMO now! Thanks to God :pray:


Week 8 - Sep 17, Tues - Streak: 23 days

@Positivebloke @Forerunner Thank you guys for the encouragement and tips, I will definitely try to use them as I go forward with this week. I’m going to need it.

@Forerunner Stay strong man! Remember that if you are feeling a lot of guilt for the stumble, do not let it take a hold of your mind. It is useless, and urges may use that to get to you tomorrow. We are all rooting for you and praying for your sobriety. You have been an endless motivator for all of us.

@Aoshigreen Very true for me as well. Conflict in my head is probably the number 1 reason for my relapses. But I think that’s why coming here and journaling is so effective for me. I put all my thoughts I have been wrestling with and that have been causing me internal conflict, and I put them out there. And they lose their power, it’s amazing stuff.

@DaNao I know the feeling man. Been there so many times and it’s such a ridiculous feeling. It’s all the same, it all ends the same, and yet I never change it.

It brought up memories of when I was a teen. Laying on my bathroom floor. Screaming silently. I wanted to punch the glass mirror that sat along the counter. I wanted to shatter it into tiny bits. I wanted to tear a hole in the wall. I wanted to audibly scream my eyes out. But it was the middle of the night and if everyone heard what would I say. I felt the walls were closing in on me, I felt claustrophobic, like I had no room to breath. I wanted to run away and escape this feeling, but where would I go. Yet even so, I almost got in my car and drove far away. I vividly imagined it in my head.

But that wouldn’t change anything. It would only make it worse. It was a terrible feeling.

But eventually I became complacent with it. It all became boring as you said.

Day after day, year after year.

What had I become? Where was I going?

Is this me? Is this who I am? What does it matter?

I had another one of those claustrophobic moments, those moments of pure rage and terror of what I had become and what I would be. It was so uncertain. That was recently. And yet I still relapsed. But it was making me angry again, I realized my character was transforming into something different. And I didn’t want to go there.

Bro, I dont know. But this stuff is so unbelievably rotten. I cant believe where it has taken me. I think that’s easy to forget when we have been in it for so long, or even out of it for so long. We forget how it transforms us. How it breaks down our spirit. We become complacent with mediocrity and immorality. We become ok with being cogs in the evolutionary machine. The souless and mundane life that is life with PMO. Both when we are in its midst and have been free for some time, we forget this. How do we forget this?? Our memory is short-lived. But if we can remember how it is to be free, or in turn to be enslaved. How it makes us feel. Then maybe we can be strong in the face of these urges.

Keep at it dude, keep searching, you will find your will and break free. This is not your destiny. Yours is much greater!


Checking in - All good
Week 46 - September 18, Wednesday


Checking in - Wednesday 18th September. All good, thank GOD.

@Aoshigreen @Special_Bird Thank you for your support and encouragement brothers!
@Gk-00 Great to see you’ve gone two weeks now!
GOD Bless you all :pray:t5:

“The definition of Power is not financial success, status or influence over others, but the degree to which we have control over our own lives.”
Rollo Tomassi

For far too long, I’ve felt powerless. I looked at the movie of my life playing out and felt more like an extra or cameo character than the star of the show. I was giving so much of my power away to the addiction.

I want to reclaim my power and maintain control of where my life is heading.


Check-in :+1: Wednesday

Prayed for all my companions today :bouquet:

I’ve been lazy like a sloth bear

Woke up early, & slept back again :tada:
Sat to study, & got lost in thoughts :tada:
I’ve been just sitting & doing nothing. I should stop being this way :man_facepalming:t2: aiming to be productive tomorrow :bouquet:

All good :+1:


Week 46 - WednesDay 3 - Sep 18
:muscle:Flame On :fire:


Week 46 - wednesday

All good


Week 46 ~ Wednesday

All good :+1::pray: Thanks be to God :pray:

@Special_Bird thank you for your comment, its really great advise :+1::wink:


@Special_Bird very nice to read your thoughts, and to get a little closer to the things you had lived. Thank you so much. I had a nice and focused Wednesday. I know there’s plenty of other ways to live, and you helped me to keep that in mind. I wish you all the luck in your journey.

Wednesday, Week 46, all went well


Week 8 - Sep 18, Wed - Streak: 24 days

One more day to 25 days! Unbelievable, my progress has been exponential.

And it’s even crazier because of the amount of stress I’m still dealing with in school. Late nights and rough assignments. But I’m still holding out, no edging either.

Life is hard, but I choose whether to make it miserable, or manageable.

This is my streak, I am going to make it.

“If the wind will not serve, take to the oars”
-Latin Proverb


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Checking in - Thursday 19th September. All good, thank GOD.

Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.
Douglas Pagels

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. If we paid attention to our time as much as we do our bank balance, we’d ensure we were engaged in activities that improved and benefited our lives. Working towards meaningful goals and spending our time doing things that we’ll have fond memories in the future.

It’s so important on this journey to do things daily that make life worthwhile. Part of the reason why we’ve gone to PMO is to help fill a void in our lives, whether that void be loneliness or a lack of affection, attention. feeling deep stress, anxiety and depression and so on. Even though PMO never helped us fill that void, it became our habit in times of need. We can’t stick and watch the days on our counter go up, we have to go out into the world and look for the real things that will satisfy us and fulfill the needs we’ve had for so long.

Do the best you can with what you have today, and be grateful.


Checking in - All good
Week 46 - September 19, Thursday