Check in Daily Challenge - Get motivated. Get free

Hi guys thought I’d restart this group which closed.
Did you start this thread originally @Aoshigreen ?

Anyway even though it feels like groundhog day for many of us I think this thread/topic can help us to think more clearly about addiction, share our struggles, connect with with eachother directly and find a way towards real progress and freedom.

We can beat this right?
@Forerunner normally lives up to his tag name by getting a really good streak going and encouraging us with his videos
Also @Gk-00 and honestly I’ve forgotten everyone’s tags/names from the last group


@goten @forodwaith @Special_Bird @Rohitash
@Karan050 @Ishida


How do we start out

Is it sending our daily motivation through this group?


Will you be more clear. What are you trying to tell? For what this thread is?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: as it’s too Confusing…


Thanks for starting the thread going again mate @Rebooter81. Hope things are going well with you bro. My smartphone is gone in case you tried to contact me, I’ll be back on WhatsApp when I’ve got a new phone.

We absolutely can beat this, no question about it.
Day 40+ for me, temptations are rare and a breeze to deal with when they arise. It gets much easier as we go along.

Keep up the faith and never lose hope.


Simple concept brothers @aaa2bbb @VARAD

You make a commitment to come here and check in daily. You can share as much or as little about your journey as you feel like on that day.

Committing to state how your journey is going everyday puts a second thought in your mind… "Do I really want to report a relapse today, or do I want to say that I conquered the day and I’m staying strong?


Ohh! Got you. Nice concept @Rebooter81. People may be benefited by others journey, daily experiences, problems, etc… :+1:from their diary or posts…


I am a loser…i reached 48 days and fall now, i am starting again and again and keep falling in present …i am now on my own not goona check in, if needed will start checking in but i want space free from pessure of competition of streaks and checing in …i will be back soon . But not giving up .


Great got it now

It’s nice to motivate ourselves daily and start forgetting the our past days


@Goten You’re aren’t a loser brother.

Many people have never even gone past a month before, don’t look down on yourself.

Make a solid commitment to stop watching pornography and masturbating and stick to it this time. You don’t have to choose to keep doing this anymore. Whatever pleasure you think is there is an illusion. Even if it feels like the most pleasurable experience in the world for those few short minutes, we always feel terrible afterwards. It’s never worth it, and it never will be worth it. It’s time to stop doing it permanently and be happy.


Just say how your day is going and check in each day if you can. A general chat group is what the last group became if people want to setup a specific challenge within the group that is fine or setup another group for specific challenges…


Neatly summarised :slight_smile:


Sure well the idea is that this group helps with your streak if it’s a hindrance then by all means only check in when and if you’re ready. I mean to be honest I’m not doing that well but I know this group in the past helped people form connections and helped me a bit. It hasn’t solved my problem but maybe it helped. Maybe this group can be a springboard to another group or a specific challenge within this group (optional of course). Let see if it evolves?


Day 1 check in. Made it nearly 3 weeks this time, proud and disappointed. Want to learn as I go this time, not just focus on the pitfalls. Nofap August? I am capable of it.


Thankyou @Forerunner @Rebooter81 i will do this .


Check in 1

Made it 3 days so far although it’s not big it is a step towards improvement another milestone will soon be acheievd and looking forward to the day I get married and forget all the bads of my past

One thing to note is that the busier I am with other work the more diverted my mind becomes from the thoughts of googling time wasteful stuff.


Watched a Louis theroux programme on meth addiction in the US and there was a memorable quote (slightly modified)
’ We get into addiction to escape our pain but it actually creates new pain ’
Addiction is a thorny problem to fix. Easypeasy method promises a way to solve the Rubik’s cube of porn addiction as long as the steps are followed carefully and in order but many of us have read the book and attempted the method but failed. Maybe we didn’t try hard enough? No hold on thats the willpower method trying hard… I’m confused and no doubt confusing the reader.

I’m rereading it and there are other methods out there as well.

Life is better without porn : that’s straight out of Easypeasy. Do you really think the pmo addict/porn user/fapper has a better life than the non-user?
I felt so drained yesterday after a morning fail but as I continued with an extensive walk my energy started to return.

More energy today but aware that too much sugar in my diet is far from ideal and probably another reason I feel depleted

Today yeah I’m still suffering with depression probably at a moderate level but porn is not the answer.
Porn is not the answer to your pain
Porn is not the solution to your problems
Porn is an additional problem and a big one

1 day streak so far



Well said

By the way I never knew Louis Theroux until now when checked a few videos

Great education Thanks for that


Great day today

I aimed to make myself as busy as I could from cleaning to creating new ideas on 3d printer

Going well so far

Let’s keep up the high spirit every second


@Rebooter81 Those of us who have read the EasyPeasy book and failed afterwards simply didn’t follow the instructions. The book works 100% of the time for those who follow all the instructions.

The main thing that we see is people still seeing the idea of leaving porn behind them permanently as some sort of sacrifice, which is entirely opposed to the concepts listed in the book. If we go through life feeling deprived of some source of deep pleasure, we aren’t following the instructions, and our failures can’t be blamed on the method.

Even after sharing the method with many people and encouraging others to read the book, I didn’t follow all the instructions myself. I returned to peeking after reaching 120+ days, and that’s what brought me right back to Addictland again.

Day 43 - 31st July 2021

:white_check_mark: Prayers
:white_check_mark: Listened to Qur’an Recitation
:white_check_mark: Listening to NoPMO Audiobook ‘The Easy Peasy Way’
:white_check_mark: Cold Shower
:white_check_mark: Daily Walking (~21 km)
:white_check_mark: Shift at Work (11.5 hrs)
:white_check_mark: Conversations with Loved Ones
:white_check_mark: Phone Call with a NoPMO Brother
:white_check_mark: Watching Informative Videos
:white_check_mark: Personal Reflection
:white_check_mark: Planning and Preparation
:white_check_mark: Gratitude

Always thank GOD for everything.


Find the optimism at every difficulty. The mind sets the goals of optimists and natural thoughts go towards success

All the people in this group

Wish you the highest success in the iniilterated path

Whatever setback we face
We return with full hope and twice the determination