Change digital habits for Instagram, Youtube, Netflix, Games, News and other addictive content. Challenge 2021

Change your digital habits. Change your life in the digital era we live today.

PMO often is triggered by services like Insta, Youtube, Games etc. Realize that these services were designed to be addictive, so consumers spend more and more hours and money on them. That is why we fall into bad habits and digital addiction. It is not our fault we acquired these habits, but this is our responsibility to get rid of it. After we get rid of these bad digital habits we enjoy calmer and clearer mind. Calm and clear mind will allow us to reach our goals and realize our full potential.

Make the first practical step, join the community of people who want to change their bad digital habits.
Try to make a successful long streak for the change. Write your experience here, write your obstacles. Let’s help and encourage each other! Brothers and Sisters , we are all same human beings, who just want to be better and live a happy life.

When you have implemented a new habit, it means at least streak for more than 90 days, you can add yourself to the hall of fame below.

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The hall of fame

Nick Old habit New habit Streak counter
TheMonk1 Watching Instagram Don’t watch at all. Don’t have any urges to watch > 90 days
TheMonk1 Watching Facebook Still have account there, but only for messenger -to communicate with friends and sometimes find useful info. Don’t watch at all. Don’t have any urges to watch > 1 year
TheMonk1 Eating with a digital screen Don’t eat with a smartphone or TV at all. No screens during eating > 1 year

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Here is the challenge:
In order to join the challenge you have to do all 4 steps below.

  1. Choose 1 digital habit that you want to change. I suggest to take only 1 at the start , the most problematic for you, as it is very difficult to change digital habit.

  2. Write down in the Streak Table below your old habit , your new habit , and what you do when the urges come . Write detailed description of your old habit and detailed description of your new habit. It is important you understand what is going on with you and what is your goal. Look at the examples in the table.

  3. Check in every day and report if you follow the new habit and what challenges your face, update the streak counter in the streak table

  4. Must reset the counter if on the specific day you fall back to the old habit. Write in this topic the reasons and your new strategy. Continue until you get to at least to 30 days streak.

Tools and Techniques that Help

  • Block apps. Install block apps on all your devices. Block the webiste and keywords related to your habit.

Streak Table

Nick Old habit New habit What I do when urges come Streak counter
TheMonk1 Viewing all kind of financial info like stock quotes, financial news etc. because it is counterproductive, wastes time, brings bad financial results Because I have to manage my financials, 5th and 10th of each month I can view it (twice a month), but no more than for 2 hours. Besides these times no viewing. Viewing unmindfully or accidentally could happen, but no more than 5min. Reading kindle, listening audiobooks, learning new language, sleeping, swimming, walking meditation 1
TheMonk1 Watching entertainment video on youtube, netflix and similar services. Videos like comedy, movies - all kind of entertainment video, that don’t add anything to my spiritual or professional development I try not to watch at all, but sometimes a friend can send a link, so I should not watch such a video more than 5minutes Reading kindle, listening audiobooks, learning new language, sleeping, swimming , walking meditation 1
TheMonk1 Reading any kind of online News websites, twitter, celebrity news, google news section I will not read any kind of news site, twitter, celebrity news. google news section. I still can listen to the news on Radio. I can read news in the new language I am studying. Viewing unmindfully or accidentally could happen, but no more than 5min. Reading kindle, listening audiobooks, learning new language, sleeping, swimming , walking meditation 1
Kai YouTube I have to focus on my work and to avoid relapse Reading newspaper/watching TV 0
Risinglion123 Google , You Tube and RC forum not more than 1 hour Studying for exams Studying 11
TheBigSP Wasting time on YouTube Studying, Reading, Playing Chess When urges will hit me, I will do 10-20 Pushups, Listen to music, going for a walk, relaxing in balcony, or do anything out of the 101 Things To Do Instead Of Looking At Porn 0

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