Challenge a companion [Individual]


@neveragaintw @novoluar But i think they’re also not active, We must be patient.

@neveragaintw Please make second post as scoreboard.


hmm, i tried to find a way to insert a new comment as a second post for the scoreboard. but i don’t think that this exists.
Maybe taher knows a solution. otherwise, maybe we can convert the current second comment, or use the first instead


I dont mind … go ahead and convert it :+1:

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I accept your challenge of 14 days … @Surv1ve

@ShivHanu … i have 2 opponents… 1 is ankitk for 30 days and 2nd is surv1ve for 14 days.


No… U can’t indulge in 2 challanges parallely… In this case as ankit accepted ur challange first… @Surv1ve will have to find another challenger.


Convert the current second post… As scoreboard.
Also Change the owner of the 2nd post… If there is such a thing.


There are all challengers going to 30 days challenge, would you like to change 10 day to 30 day our challenge.
I’m just say, if you want


Anybody for a simple 15 days challenge?


So finally we have our scoreboard on page 2 :sweat_smile:

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@Abhi93 I will take on this challenge. 15 days it is!


well i was thinking that as i m on day one only …and struggling to complete day 5 … lesser no of days can motivate me . thats it .
baaki na teri na meri …11-15 tak tak lete hain …:grinning::grinning:


So it begins…15 from 17th may

My code i1w3hx
Give me yours brother


The best of luck brother. Let them come and let us be victorious!
My code tni6x4


@Martial_Beast bro what is your code?



And what’s urs? @aapoorv75


My sharing code :- af92095


What is your sharing code ?
Here is mine : kbwwju


ld58kw (LD…)
This is my code.

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Anybody for 15 days challenge ?


I’ll take you on @exhander. My longest streak is 11 days, so I need to push my limit! Let’s do this. Good luck!