Challenge a companion [Individual]

@exhander i updated the scoreboard for us

@MJ2019 Ok. Thank you. My code is fl1cbs Good luck

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Oh right! My code is vmv95f. Good luck and be in touch!


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I would like to call out @kazmer1998 for a 30 day challenge! You in? :grin::hungary:

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Anybody up for a 30 day challenge?

How about 30 days instead?

Absolutely!!! Thank’s for inviting me! Wish you luck:) I hope, we will see each other at the fin :smiley: :slight_smile:

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Let’s do this
My code 2acaa7

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Looking for someone who can challenge me for atleast 30 days.

Good luck! :muscle:
Mine’s 0lergj

I am ready for challenge
My sharing code is 2b3e8f7


Anybody for a 14 days challenge with me?

Let’s do this… My sharing code is 85626d.

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@ShivHanu I and @Rockstaa are ready for 30 days challenge

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@Viijayy for a 15 day challenge my code: ejmahr

I am up for the challenge my code:ejmahr

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How do I participate in this how this actually works apart from all the rules.

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Lets do this.
My sharing code: z12r5l

It works like this. We both should add each other as companions and keep an eye of each others streak. Streak starts from day when @ShivHanu give us go ahead. If any one of us relapse before 14 days, he will be lost in the challenge.

@ShivHanu Please give us ago ahead for a 14 days challenge.

Do I have to restart my streak?

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I’ve updated the scoreboard. We’re on now. Best of luck. :+1:

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