Challenge a companion [Individual]

. Rules are as follows:-

  1. You have to call out any one member whom you want to challenge by using @ symbol.
  2. The challenger can call any member.
  3. The challengee, can either accept or reject the Challenge. But the process should happen within 1 week. If not, it will be considered that challenge is not accepted.
  4. Any Challenger or challengee can engage with only one at a time. No multiple Challenges at the same time.
  5. The minimum challenge streak is 10 days. Maximum challenge is 30 days. The challenger decides the no. Of day he/she want to challenge. The challengee can either accept or ask for a different no. Of days within the above given limits and can negotiate between themselves.
  6. No backing out. Once accepted, you are in the challenge and a single relapse means K.O.
  7. Every victory consist of some points. If anyone looses a challenge, he/she will have negative point. Points accordin to days are as follows
    5-10 = 1 point.
    11-20 = 2 points
    21-30 = 3 points
  8. Points( that would have been given to the winner) will be given to both the warriors in case of a tie.
  9. You cannot challenge the same challengee consecutively. At least a gap of 1 challenge with other companions.
  10. If your challenger/challengee relapse, it’s your duty to call them out. Tag me too, i will make the score changes.
  11. Negative points will be given to both the participants of a challange if they fail to notify within 3 days for the conclusion of their challenge. ( winner also has to call out that he has won in 3 days , else he will also be given negative points).
  12. The first point will only be provided when the challenge has gone into atleast 5 days . Below that, a relapse will be considered a withdrawal from the challenge .
  13. Season will end on 31st Aug. 2019.

At the end of the season, the one with the highest points will be declared as the winner of that season.

So I think thats it with the rules😅, keep checking them for clarification.



Ongoing Challanges

:crossed_swords: exhander vs MJ2019 15 Days (May 18-June 2)
:crossed_swords: Sahas vs AnkitK 30 days (May 16 -June 15)
:crossed_swords: Redemption84 vs Deivsd3 30 Days (May 16 -June 15)
:crossed_swords: Martial_Beast vs aapoorv75 30 Days (May 16 -June 15)
:crossed_swords: MrXYZ vs Invincible_Knight 30 Days (May 16 -June 15)
:crossed_swords: Redemption84 vs gunsblazing 15 Days (June 15 - June 30)
:crossed_swords: Redemption84 vs WalkWithoutFear 30 Days (July 1 - July 30)

Concluded matches
:facepunch: Viijayy lost to Rockstaa
:facepunch: ShivHanu lost to BruceLee
:facepunch: Surv1ve lost to Abhi93
:facepunch: Kevinrotich lost to hellojaani
:facepunch: Aragorn lost to Chady025
:facepunch: Deivsd3 lost to Redemption84
:facepunch: Abhi93 lost to BruceLee
:facepunch: Gunsblazing lost to Redemption84
:facepunch: Kevinrotich lost to AlphaBeast1
:facepunch: Blackbull and Adequatemonty both won
:facepunch: WalkWithoutFear lost to Redemption 84


I want to challenge @AnkitK for 30 days.

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@ShivHanu… Add this pick at the starting of the group.

Or this one



Thanks… I ll do these things in a while.

@Taher… Please make second post as scoreboard.

@BruceLee I want to challange u… Preferably for 10 days… Whats ur say?

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It’s alright brother. If this helps the community, I am all aboard. Best of luck!:grin:


I challenge you for 30 days…


Let’s do this!


@Deivsd3 I challenge you for 30 days. Do you accept it?

@Deivsd3 Te desafio por 30 días. Lo aceptas?

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@Redemption84 I accept your challenge! Let’s do it for 30 days. :+1:

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Okay bhai, I accept the challenge.

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@Taher as the challenges and acceptances are poring in fast… I request u to please make post 2 of this topic as a scoreboard.

I guess he is not active here these days.

So who will do this? Whom should I tag.? @aapoorv75

@Invincible_Knight, I challenge you for 30 days. Come on.

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@Sahas. Since my highest streak is 10 days, i don’t want to be to arrogant and aim to high. However i think my first goal of 14 days is achievable. So formally: Sahas do you accept my challenge to go 14 days?

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Challenge accepted bro :+1:
This time I’m all set to give u a tough fight…
Let’s do our best :facepunch::facepunch:

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