Can you answer my few questions?

Just out of curiosity

  1. What would you choose and why?
    Money or People?

If you have your own custom answer, please do share?

  1. How do you balance your emotions in extreme situations?

  2. Do you think performance improves under pressure? Or just opposite?

  3. What is your biggest fear in life?

  4. What is the highest goal or aspiration of your life?

I just wanted to know some diverse thoughts on some questions. Hence asking these questions. Not mandatory to answer all the questions, but please try to, if you have time at your dispense.

Thank you for your time.



1.people…cause trust is harder than earning
2.straight face or stone face in that situation ,most of the time I burst out
3.under pressure …diamond story I guess
4.unable to maintain work in time
5.just want to lead a happy life along with others

  1. People
  2. I balance my emotion in harder times by taking help from god By praying , this gives me positive energy.
  1. Under pressure my performance is better
    4… My biggest fear is loosing myself
  1. not decided :sweat_smile:
  1. Money. People who are supposed to be with you, will be with you. You can have good people in your life irrespective you money. But lets be practical. In order to reach a level where you value people over money is when you are rich. Or financially stable.

  2. I dunno honestly. With experience I would learn

  3. Yes. It does. Deadlines get things done. Quality might differ but it gets work done.

  4. Failing myself

  5. I can’t disclose that. Don’t wanna jinx it :rofl::rofl:

  1. People , but as Human nature is greedy. I might choose money if there is a stranger in case of people.

  2. May be I am not mature enough to answer this , I am currently 16 years old and haven’t suffered from extreme situation much.
    But I think I am not so much emotionally strong . I used to cry for very little things in my childhood , and I can say I have improved a lot from it now.
    I recently had to suffer with my Grandfather’s death , which was very extreme situation for me . It took me 2 days to come out from shock.

  3. Yes , best example is exams. Most of the students only study during exam days or at last night before exam. I am just one of them. But I have started studying earlier this time may be due to pressure of higher class which may directly improve my performance.

  4. The fear of dying without completing my dreams.

  5. This might sounds very ambitious but I wanna contribute a major part in removing poverty and hatred. Plus become rich, Not for buying things I want but for getting myself indulge in extraordinary things.


Also depends how old a person is whos answering your questions. Answers to these questions change as one progresses in life. A poor man will definitely choose money over people. Rich people (usually) lack people who they can confide in.

  1. Should be balanced. Some people won’t stay with you if you don’t have enough money. As a man you are useless to society or even to your own family if you don’t have enough money. So, earning money is definitely important. But after certain point one should balance.

  2. I have been in meditation for a long now. Follows the Buddhist approach. I am not there where I would like myself to be. But we have only the present moment. And giving in to any kind of emotion anxiety, anger or anything is waste of time.

  3. Yes performance improve under pressure. For some it ma be opposite.

  4. Fear of death but most won’t agree. Everything we do for our survival.

  5. Knowing the truth.


I totally agree. Thats what I am looking for. A diverse perspective of people and thought processes.
Thanks for your honest answer.

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about this ,swami Vivekanand when asked by some foreigner…what would he choose between money and knowledge…he simply answered money


we would like to hear from u…what u think about this

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About reply of Swami Vivekananda?

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no about the answers from the questions u posted


We should talk more about such stuff i honestly feel. Its a relief from normal nofap talk


ya enthusiastic to know more about others…:grinning::grinning:


Actually these questions just striked my mind. So shared here to know multiple opinions.
These are subjective questions and vary from person to person and situation to situation.

I will try to answer after some thinking :slightly_smiling_face:

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sure but we will be waiting

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  1. People, because I’ve seen what happens when we choose money over people in life…I have experienced it (not by my doings but by someone else’s) and I would never make that mistake. People need people to live more than money ( I just mean we shouldn’t be obsessed with money and not that we don’t need it).

  2. By keeping my heart cool and stopping my mind from overthinking and then facing the situation and accepting it as it is.

  3. It either improves under pressure or else we need to be driven by a great passion for it. Without either of them…I don’t think perfomance will improve too much.

  4. Regrets… It depends on perspective, for me unable to take the right decisions in right time is the biggest fear…Regrets don’t heal they will always be with us. My aim is to live a life of minimum regrets

  5. I actually don’t have 1 single answer for this… I have a lot of goals in my life and I do think that its time for me to rethink about it and find that one goal that I really love to achieve in my life.

This actually turned out really wonderful for me…I mean when you try to answer, thats the time you really start thinking, for me the 5th question was something I haven’t thought of much but its something that we should decide early on…

Its nice to see something like this on the forum…Thank you for posting.

  1. Money , because i want to give my family “beautiful experiences” like visiting places , enjoying together! for that i need money
  2. In extreme situation’s, i keep doing my work, meditation .sometimes i cry alot in these situation, but i know that i have to keep doing my duty as results are not in my hands
  3. Yes my performance increases under pressure
  4. My biggest fear in my life is dying with regrets !
  5. becoming a good human being

It’s really great to know the opinions of fellow companions.

I must admit the questions are subjective and tend to change depending on various factors. Currently these are my answers:

  1. Money in one hand and people in another. Money attracts people and people create wealth, so I think both are complementary.
    I try to implement Buddha’s Madhyam Marg.

  2. Actually I try to meditate. Maybe take deep breath and try to calm myself. Sometimes I just lie down in Shavasan, It makes my mind literally blank(It happens just before exam/interview time). In extreme adrenaline rush, I use self motivation techniques.

  3. In my experience, it follows bell curve. Too much pressure affect quality of performance and being too free may affect the direction of performance. I prefer regular analysis, so that there is optimum pressure to perform.

  4. I don’t know but honestly, I have been thinking about afterlife from my childhood. It’s more about not knowing what will happen with me (the real me/soul/atma/awareness/life energy etc) after death. Honestly it’s kind of fear of ignorance about life.

  5. I think, with superior knowledge and experience, the goals get refined with time. In worldly matter I want to serve the humanity with my best possible potential.
    Mentally, I always try to learn, for learnings one life is not enough.
    Spiritually, I am still exploring…

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