Can you answer my few questions?

This is very true.
I want to give one more opinion. We only feel preessure when we are doing something we don’t like. When we do something because of our own will , we don’t need any pressure to improve performance, We always try to give our best in such cases .


Thats very honest and true opinion. Appreciate.


I understood this during my exams. My favourite subject is Mathematics, I really enjoy doing it . It’s one of my goal to learn Advanced Mathematics in early stage. Not for gaining marks but I don’t know why It’s my own wish.
That’s why I never need to take pressure to study for a maths exam.
But as our education system only values marks , I take so much pressure on myself when it’s case of any other subject. Even after taking so much pressure my performance in maths is always higher than any other subject. Because I really love doing it

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If you want to be rich and like coding, You won’t even have to go to college. Do consider that option. Everything is available online. You can choose what to study and what not to. Even you go to IIT or NIT or any other top insititues major part of your time will be into subjects which won’t matter in the fututre. You are quite young so you can consider that option. Paul Graham is a founder of YCobinator an startup VC. You can read some his essays.

Going to university is oftn waste of time. It has no relevance to the real world.


Thanks for sharing it , I will read some of them. I totally agree that everything is available online. I learnt Full stack web development just from youtube. And I am looking forward to learn python and Java in 2021.
I learn from CodeWithHarry , he really teaches very well plus in Hindi .

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Yeah that’s great. I learnt full stack coding by myself when I was doing Bachelor. And anything I learnt in college wasn’t helpful in placement. You are already ahead of many if you are doing coding from now. You can also start with some of the coding platform like HackerEarth, codechef. Believe me when I say that You need 0 knowledge of college subjects to become good in those kind of coding. And if you can become good in codechef and all that then you can join Google, Facebook well before you turn 22, 23. Once you join such company you don’t need degree in your resume. You can open your startup and VC will fund you.

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Or you can also join any startup with full stack development knowledge. No need to join big companies.

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Thanks for this advice , I have already decided that I don’t want to gain too much formal education tho. I try to gain as much as knowledge I can about everything. That’s why I started learning programming , I found it interesting . So I decided to continue it.
I have some ideas of startup tho which I will definitely work on. As I said in answer post of those 5 questions I want to be rich so that I can indulge myself in big things. But before that I need to gain so much knowledge on how things actually work . I wish schools and colleges were teaching this.

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Yes that’s a good approach. Also, try reading a lot of different books by VCs, Scientists, Entrepreneurs. These will give you a good mental framework. Often the books we read out of the syllabus are more helpful in the real-world than what we read in school.

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I am really excited to see that where all of us will be In 5 years . This community is full of people unlocking their potential to achieve great success.


I think we are going out of topic , you can message me privately.

  1. I can’t choose one of the two, I would like to lead a life where I am making enough money to secure a good life for me and my family (they are people too) and socialising is equally important for me.
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been in an extreme situation but I have been in stressful situations with studying only thing that helped me in those times was studying as much as possible (it means working at the root cause), meditating and exercising helps a lot, also talking about your problem with someone you can confide in is a great way to reduce the burden.
  3. Yes it surely improves, even if it doesn’t I want it to, for that I have kept an affirmation ‘I work even better under pressure and stressful situations’.
  4. Now a days it is, falling short on my goals and the fear of losing my streak.
  5. Considering my current situation it would be best for me if I clear ISRO exam and interview and get a job as a scientist there (I have dreamed about this job for I don’t know how long now).
    These were good thought provoking questions, thanks @JumpingBuddha
  1. The right people, because network= net worth.
  2. I control my breathing first, then I wonder if it’s within my control or not. If so how can I fix it in the most effective way? If not then I just let it be. I try to talk about it if it’s really traumatic or at least write it down in my journal.
  3. Coal under millions of years of immense heat and pressure will become diamonds eventually. But mistakes should always be allowed.
  4. The fear of dying with any regrets, knowing I could’ve done more.
  5. Building schools for less fortunate people- providing equal opportunity to all people.

(Assuming that they both mean amount in numbers)
Tbh, these are not two mutually exclusive options, because you cannot earn a lot of money without interacting with people, and you cannot know a lot of people without having enough money. But assuming that you’re considering a person with one in much more quantity than other, here is my answer- MONEY (assuming my family members stay with me) .
Reason- Because I’m not extroverted and interaction with people irl actually makes me feel worse. And well, people are going to automatically drawn to money, so that’ll ensure that I’m not devoid of them either, even if it makes me feel worse.

I just lock myself and lay down on bed, trying to relax and calm my mind. Sometimes, I also take the help of music.

I have experienced both in my life. It depends on your mindset and sometimes fortune.

To never be able to make my parents feel proud.

To live a respectable life and die with a good reputation, bring happiness to people around me, be able to help others, and never hurt or harm anyone or anything intentionally.

  1. what would you chose, food or love?
    (to explain, money and friends are incomparable items. Without money you die (except if you friends give you money or feed you). But as with food, as soon as you have too much, it will be of little use. With friends / love, you can’t really get enough of.)
    → Money to the point where I can feed myself and fulfill my basic needs. Afterwards people

  2. I first create distance (they tend to overwhelm me) → I go outside for a walk or run
    I then dissect the emotion. Where does it come from, what does it tell me → takes around an hour
    From there I let go of the emotion and for a few days, I remind myself of the conclusion I received during the walk

  3. Pressure is something where an external person or event tells you what you have to do and when you have to finish it. For me, I would never thrive under such circumstances. Instead I thrive under meaningful goals. With that, I tell myself why and when I have to finish a task

  4. For many people in our society, we have the privilege, that fear is a feeling which is not needed anymore (it really is only useful if something threatens you. Which happens less than we think). So, as soon as I see that something induces fear, I go to question 2).
    (Currently, my freshly started PhD induces the most fear. Fear of not being able to perform)

  5. To inspire people through leading by example. To show people that openness to experience and thoughts is the most valuable thing


Dear @neveragaintw, Thanks for your insightful answers.


Oooh oooh … Thanks for the good question :relaxed::+1:

1.This is the hardest question I think because I’m now in a situation that I see people in a worse way even I can’t imagine my life without talking or enjoying someone just to be keeping with and because a big part of my thoughts now that I need money to do have the opportunity and to start my dream ( question 5)

  1. i run away or be silent because I was afraid to getting hurt someone with unknowing what I said in this extreme attitude …

  2. Yes … from one of million answers … yes bad times will make you explore who will show mersy in is times who is caring about his time and his responsible of anything word , situations (specially under pressure )


  4. I want to be a special one in graphic design but I still beginner …
    I want to work something I love to do not just working and that’s it …
    I want to work and forget the time by drawing and creating … wow , fantastic :relaxed::relaxed:

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Dear @NhTbH , thanks for your answers👍

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  1. money. Sometimes you can see the real face of people when you have not money.
  2. watching motivational videos.
  3. yes. Study one day before exam is different than 2 month before exam.
  4. failures.
  5. a person who has a lot of money, fame, respect, who is a hard worker. An who is an inspiration for next generation.
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Answers On Rapid Fire.

  1. Money cz Money attracts ppl.
  2. Dont know. Thats why iam here.
  3. Yes, it does.
  4. To die without achieving my goal.
  5. To unleash my best and highest potential.