Can someone answer my question?

Is it okay for me to stop doing PMO but I still doing a sex? I mean like, does it count as relapse or not?

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I think this is similar thread, have a look


Its really2 help my curiousity, thanks a lot!

See no fap is not any hard and fast law , it is a customized way of stopping your porn and addiction, but what’s your way of doing it is more important.
For instance, if I would say you are on nofap and you feel urges to watch porn and masturbate , but instead of fighting with those urges you let yourself do sex with someone ( your wife , girlfriend or prostitute). Then I would say you have relapsed , but if you are able to control your urges very greatly and you really don’t fall to rough sex with someone and rather go on doing normal sexual activity then you have not done a relapse. But , at last I would say stopping PMO means stopping porn , masturbation and orgasm ( sex ) together.