Is real sex harmful in nofap?

Hello guys! I am 22 years old, I have been addicted for at least 8 years. I’ve been on the nofap journey for 15 days. Yesterday, I had sex with my girlfriend. No porn. I have some doubts, and I think you can help me.

Is that a relapse? Do I need to reset my count? Is having sex harmful on my 90-day journey to restart my brain?

thanks for the help, and be strong!


No. That is not considered as a relapse. Sex is not relapse.

Having sex is not as harmful as PMO but it’s definitely harmful. Because you are ejaculating semen.


First of all you seem to be a little confused about what do you want, If you wanna get rid of porn addiction then there’s nothing wrong with sexual encounters, it can even help you in your journey, nonetheless, if you can refrain from doing anything sexual related on the first months that’ll the best. In conclusion, it depends on what you’re seeking, if you wanna go for celibacy or something like that then yeah, it’s a relapse, but if not then you got nothing to worry about.


Things I’ve read on the internet is that if ur in hardmode, yes (no ejaculation of any sort-including sex with ur s/o), medium mode is no porn, no masturbation (and no looking for one night stands) and easy mode is just no porn but u can fap