Brahmacharya, le chemin de Brahma 🕉️

What qualities must a man develop to be complete ?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time.

I think I’ve found the answer.

I’ve observed that nature develops man in this order:

    First, nature develops man’s strength, in all his bodies.
    Physical (health), sexual, emotional, mental…

    Then, thanks to his strength, man can earn gold.
    If man loses his strength, he will also lose his gold.
    Note that sexual energy and gold energy are very close.

  3. TO BE HAPPY :
    Finally, the strong & rich man wants to be happy.
    There are many possible paths, the worst thing is to have a bad wife.
    The best is spirituality, inner happiness.


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I’ve done a lot of cardio sports in my life.

The 3 I’ve found the most simple, effective and enjoyable are nature walking, nature swiming, and sprinting.

Nature walking is very powerful when you’re tired and feeling unwell.

A garden, a park, a forest, a mountain, a river, the sea…
All are very healing places.

It’s even more healing if your skin is in the sun (not at midday!), and your feet are bare on the ground.

It’s also excellent to rest in contact with a friendly tree.

Here’s my advice :

Always breathe through the nose, and with the stomach.
Start slowly, finish quickly.
The walk shouldn’t last too long, nor should it be too intense.
If you like a place, stop and sit down.
If you like a flower, smell it, touch it.
If you like a tree, give it a hug.
At the end, you should have gained more vitality than at the start, not less.

Be friendly, if you can, with all natural life.
First with yourself, then with others.
The sun and the earth, humans, animals, plants, mushrooms, minerals, natural spirits.

They all have a bit of consciousness and life in them, just like you.
All are evolving like you.

If you emit a good, friendly vibration, other consciousnesses will respond to you, and come to evolve with you.


Natural water is much more alive and healthy than the toxic chlorinated water of swimming pools.

It is one of the most natural ways to heal, to purify, to increase vitality.

It is not even essential to know how to swim or do freediving, just walking in the water or even just resting in the water is already diffusing to be regenerated, and to feel better.

Of course you need to have a minimum of love and gratitude for life, to be able to collaborate with it.

The best time is as usual the beginning of the day to be stimulated, and the end of the day to be calmed.

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There are many practitioners of seminal retention who believe that simply stopping ejaculating will transform their lives.

Sexual energy is like the energy of money.
If you stop spending your money, you stop losing your money at the casino.

You save your money, but you’re not going to become rich.

To get rich, you have to put your money to work.
By investing your money in professional projects.

The sexual energy that we save every day, must be invested in progressive high value projects, to become a high value man.

For example :
develop my physical body, heal my heart, develop my art, become a fighter, become a family man, become a monk, become an entrepreneur etc.

To achieve the high value objective you have chosen, you must practice different disciplines, to develop the necessary qualities and skills.

And you have to do it regularly for a very long time.
It takes a lot of sexual energy.

This is why a winner must not waste his sexual energy with pmo, low value friends, or low value womens.


Today I continue to talk about cardio sport.

Sprinting is the running that gives the most benefits, which is why it is the one that I practice most often.

The main benefit of sprinting compared to other cardio is that it will stimulate the entire body in a way that is completely natural for us.

We are no longer apes, we are bipeds today, and the most natural sport for us is no longer climbing trees or doing pull-ups.

Our ancestors practiced sprinting when they were children to train to become warriors and hunters.

But also to prepare for nudist sex parties, where women chose the most beautiful, strong and fast males, to impregnate the most beautiful children as possible.

Sprinting is one of the sports that will develop the physical body the most.

There are people who have developed their body and their hormones (testosterone, adrenaline, growth hormone, etc.), only with this sport.

For those who are healthy, it is most effective to sprint in a fasted state.
You will have a better hormonal response.

Most of the time our ancestors hunted fast, and they had to sprint fast to hit, catch, and kill their prey with their primitive weapons.

Fasting hunting generally lasted a whole day, sometimes it could last several days.
Because they can’t go back to tribal camp, without fresh meat.

Often he had to walk quickly for hours and be forced to sprint several times.
Yes our ancestors were very fast, very enduring, very strong.

Sometimes he also had to fight against their powerful prey, like mammoths.
Or also against other predators, like lions, or other tribes of human hunters.

Yes our ancestors were very tough and very courageous fighters, who were often wounded, and who would often die young in hunting or in war.

Then carry the prey to the camp.
Then the women prepared the meat, the meal, and the celebration that would follow, to reward the hunters with dignity.

Only then could men eat while feasting and then sleep.

Yes eating, drinking, feasting, laughing, dancing, sexing, resting etc.
Was not cheap, but very hard to win for our ancestor.
They dont have dopamine easly without pain & risk, they don’t do pmo !


wow…so informative…thanks for sharing

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Thank you @_KarmaYogi :smiling_face:

It’s a pleasure for me to share my passion for sport, personal development, and spirituality of course :pray:t2:

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Today I’m going to talk about fundamental endurance, also called low intensity, zone 2.

Firstly, what is fundamental endurance?

It is an effort in cardiac zone 2, which we can sustain for many hours, where we will have pleasure, but no pain, no shortness of breath, and almost no fatigue.

In general, we practice fundamental endurance, by walking, cycling, dancing.

Ethnologists who study the primitive nomadic tribes of the Kalahari desert, have calculated that men walk 12km per day, and women 8km.
And much more when they change their camp.

What is the point of fundamental endurance?

It mainly trains the parasympathetic vegetative system, so it mainly trains the ability to recover, to calm down, to feel good.

It also improves health in general.
Digestion, elimination, sleep etc.

If we only practice fundamental endurance, we gain 80% of the benefits of all other cardio.
To get 100% you also have to sprint for example.

Who needs this workout?

Today this type of training is practiced by most professional athletes.

Because it allows them to increase their cardio training volume, their performance, their recovery capacity…

Without getting exhausted, without getting hurt.

Experience and competition have proven, that those who do fundamental endurance, are better in the long term than those who do not.

It is also practiced by people who have been weakened by illness, injury, or old age…
And who cannot train with an intense sport, like bodybuilding for example.

Personally, it’s the cardio that I practice the most, along with sprinting.
Because the two are complementary, and reinforce each other.

Practical advice:

  • Breathe only through your nose, never through your mouth.
  • Choose if possible, beautiful, natural places, such as the sea, a forest, a river, a mountain etc.
  • Take a friend, or your dog, to be in a good mood.
  • It’s hot in my country at the moment, so I protect myself with my parasol.
  • Don’t overdo it, at the end you should have more vitality than when you left, and feel better, calmer, happier.
  • If possible, walk barefoot.
    For example, the sand of a beach.

Marche nature cure naturelle 2B-1


Today I will try to understand how the rhabi Yeshua of Nazareth managed to evolve spiritually much better than the other rhabis of his generation.

First, what practices did he use to evolve toward God?

  1. Reading:
    He studied, read and taught the Torah.
    It was his job.

  2. Moral:
    He practiced the strict Jewish moral rules obligatory for the Rhabi.
    He was obliged to set a good example for the Jewish people.
    But he went much further, by choosing the morality of Love.

  3. Prayer:
    It was one of his main practices.
    Once again he went further than the others.
    With a prayer of sincerity, of self-giving, and of Love to God.

  4. Baptism:
    He was the disciple of a Jew named John the Baptist, who created his own Jewish religion.
    It was an initiatory death and rebirth in a river.
    This was his main practice.
    In 2024 it still exists in Iraq.
    He received and gave this initiation a lot.
    I believe he received the holy spirit like that the first time.

  5. Fasting:
    Obligatory for all Jews at certain times of the year.
    Once again he went much further than the other rabhi, he fasted 40 days in the desert alone.

  6. Chastity:
    Mandatory for all Jews in certain situations.
    I think he practiced brahmacharya for many years successfully.

  7. Silence:
    Mandatory in certain circumstances.
    Same, he probably practiced silence many time and alone.

  8. Loneliness:
    Little practiced by the rhabi of his generation.
    But Yeshua was often alone, especially in long retreat in the desert.

  9. Material simplicity:
    Little practiced by the rhabi of his generation, who preferred to be rich.
    Yeshua went as far as begging.

  10. Offerings:
    He rejected blood offerings, and made offerings of loyalty and love to God.

  11. Detachment:
    The rabbhi do not only give food to beggars.
    He is detached from almost everything that prevented him from going to God.

I note that Rabhi Yeshua of Nazareth had a spiritual practice identical to most ascetics of all the world’s religions.
Like Sadhu of India, Taoist of China, Buddhist of Thailland, Zoroastrian of Persia, Sufi of Afghanistan…

The other rabhi of his time also did most of these practices.

But then why did he manage to find God, and not the others?

I notice that he pushed religious practices much further than the others.
He did them with more sincerity, more regularity, more passion, and above all he did them all, and he did them well.

He didn’t just fast for one day, he fasted for 40 days.

Same thing for chastity, he did this for many years, not only some days.

He wasn’t alone for just an hour or two.
He was alone for 40 days in the desert.

He was not content with being afraid of God or afraid of the judgment of the people.
He was sincere in his morality, he practiced with Love.

He didn’t just pray to God for more gold and more women.
He gave him everything, and asked him to free him from evil, and to unite him with him in mystical love forever.

He didn’t just give food to the poor.
He himself detached himself from his riches, to be free and devote himself entirely to his search for God.

He resisted all of the temptations of the devil :
Be King with a long and healthy life.
A great sexual power.
A great army.
A great kingdom, many gold & many womens…
Like Alexander, Julius, Napoleon, Staline, Darius, Ashoka, Gengis, Tsin…

But like Zarathustra, Buddha and Jaina before him, he choice God.

In conclusion he did everything he could to find God, and God rewarded him with Victory.


Today I achieved my personal goal :
90 days of seminal retention.
90 days of sexual transmutation.
The best quality of my life.

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