BlackMagic123 Vs Amitroghates Duel For Enlightenment

I have invited @BlackMagic123 for dual challenge. He accepted the challenge. From now on this mega challenge starts.

@BlackMagic123 :

:point_right:47 Days

@anon30406793 :

:point_right:1 Day

My Ultimate Habits ⚑⚑⚑⚑

:bell: Wake Up Early

   πŸ‘‰ 10 Push ups 

   πŸ‘‰ Drink water 

   πŸ‘‰  Work out

:bell: English Reading Comprehension

   πŸ‘‰ Read an Article 

   πŸ‘‰ Take a test 

   πŸ‘‰ Speed Reading 

:bell: Breathing Session

   πŸ‘‰ Bhastrika 50

   πŸ‘‰ Kapalabhati 50

:bell: Language learning

   πŸ‘‰ Learn Dutch 

   πŸ‘‰ Practice French speaking 

   πŸ‘‰ Revise vocab

:bell: Worship / Veneration

   πŸ‘‰ Prayer βœ”οΈ

   πŸ‘‰ Mediation for 10 min
   πŸ‘‰ Worship the Sun God ❌

:bell: Happiness session

   πŸ‘‰ Say thank you to friends 

   πŸ‘‰ Write a thank you note 

   πŸ‘‰ Help others ( if possible )

   πŸ‘‰ Teach others 

:bell: Manifestation or affirmation

   πŸ‘‰ Hoohponono Meditation

   πŸ‘‰ Water technique

:bell: Banking Arithmetic

   πŸ‘‰ Mixture 

   πŸ‘‰ Train problems

   πŸ‘‰ Boat Review

:bell: Banking General Knowledge

   πŸ‘‰ Make Note

   πŸ‘‰ Practice 5 puzzles

   πŸ‘‰ Practice 20 Arithmetics

Love the enthusiasm

I will just make my new habit list in few days. Need some time for it, till then let’s start with nofap.

Best of Luck.


Ultimate Prescription to Combat PMO

Regaining Physiology, Neurochem and Biochem of my Body

:point_right: Drink 4 Glass of Water in a series of 1 glass per hour for 4 hours

:point_right: 10 Push ups each hour

:point_right: Deep Breathing 50 ( Slow )

:point_right: Eat Basil Leaves and drink Water slowly

:point_right: Dhanurasana and Naukasana in the evening for back pain

:point_right: 50 Squats

:point_right: Whenever feel asleep , do 50 bhastrika pranayam


Sorry for being a bit late giving my schedule.

My daily habit are-

  1. Drink warm water in the morning.
  2. Self Study Bio
  3. Self study Chemistry
  4. Self study Physics
  5. Revision before sleeping
  6. Meditation
  7. Sunlight 10 min
  8. Morning Exercise
  9. Evening Exercise
  10. No junk food

I will add somethings if required, I will follow these from tomorrow onwards.


No worries…thanks a lot btw. It will also help me.



Do you use ticktick todolist app ?


All the best brothers on your challenge

Go Hard and Inspire ous
@anon30406793 @BlackMagic123


Thanks a lot


Yeah, Of course I’ll be happy if it motivates you

Thanks Plutus.

No, Actually I don’t use it even though I have a to - do system in my phone which is inbuilt but I use a diary very much which for me now is more simple to maintain.


I just relapsed. Reason : Pinterest.



@BlackMagic123 : 51Days :slightly_smiling_face:

@anon30406793 : 0 Day(s) :worried:

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If you know the reason of your relapse then work on that and never let the same mistakes repeat again and again.For eg- like to delete Pinterest or set a parental control by some nearby relative or close people and only to open when you need desperately. You will also need some of your self control too.

Have dedication ,determination to improve.

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OK @BlackMagic123 @BlackMagic123

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September 20

  1. Drink warm water in the morning.:white_check_mark:
  2. Self Study Bio :white_check_mark:
  3. Self study Chemistry :x:
  4. Self study Physics :white_check_mark:
  5. Revision before sleeping
  6. Meditation❌
  7. Sunlight 10 min :white_check_mark:
  8. Morning Exercise :white_check_mark:
  9. Evening Exercise :x:
  10. No junk food :white_check_mark:

Yeah, so it was start of my new habits. Today suddenly my heart beat increased I wanted to relapse so bad but then I controlled myself and said to me that I don’t wanna be the same position again and it was just the matter of 2 min if I hadn’t changed my mind then I would be at 0 again. This is getting tough.


Now I am feeling good mentally but feeling bad physically because of stomach gas problem. Decided to learn more math and not to waste mobile data in P.

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You should eat before sunset maybe it will help you.

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Food is not cooked at home before sunset. I am at home. Nonetheless great advice. I am planning intermediate fasting.

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@anon30406793 Hey, what’s up?
So I think we should resume this challenge again, I am again starting my habits with renewed vigour. Are you ready too ?
I am gonna start posting my habits from today.

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Yes I am absolutely ready right now. I am at day 3.

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Chapter 1 : New Born

1_ Study 4 hours

2_ Exercise 1 hour

3_ Self Reflexion Β½ hour

4_ Eat Good things

5_ Drink turmeric water

6_ No awkward habit

7_ Cleaning Properly

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