Becoming the devil again

#quitting porn and mastrubation and bringing life like its was in childhood

Here I would post my daily routine and any other stuffs that would help to motivate me as well as every 1 here

So all the very best to me and all my companions
Any 1 wishing to share anything can do so
My sharing code : 0aobbs
All the best.

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Welcome on board!

Toghether to the top!

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Devil only causes addiction…Only God saves…
Pray daily…


Yes man I completely believe in god
And I pray to him
But simple thing

If one needs to make a good change
U can hope the god to help u but it is u who must put efforts to change it …
AnD devil is just being used as a name…


My regrets
I started watching porn from the age of 13 and before that i used to watch nude girl pics
i used to fantasize my classmates and all
I know it’s wrong but at such young age there was no 1 to guide me

then I started watching bdsm and all stuffs
even those felt like normal
then once I got phone somehow I dont know how I came across femdom, sissy , cuck etc
these shits suck to the core and these are unreal

it’s been long time that I have kept watch in ng the above shits and all
and y did j used to watch
coz I’m not that good looking
I mean fluffy type with a bit obese and no 1 was ever attracted to me physically
so I used to find the above stuffs satisfying my brain but deep inside those used to hurt me deep inside
I mean how could I even fantasie of being a cuck

If u wanted to be a cuck why the hell do u want to be married or be in a relation
Shit man
All these things are ruining every individual

Though at the age of 17 I got a gf who truely loves me even with these physiques of mine
But I do feel like she deserves some 1 better so that she can proudly say ki it’s me her bf
This no fap is to reboot my mind from all sorts of porn especially the 1s I mentioned
It hurts and I start crying and this goes for whole day thinking what is my gf starts cuck and femdom and all on me
I dont know why do I doubt her a lot that she might cheat me if I constantly dont keep her happy though she never demands anything
I dont know what’s wrong with me
But I hate it …

I wanna dcrew the porn industry for bringing these genres and innovating the new one s

But its upto me now
I just have few queries if some 1 might help me
Need help

  1. Can I ever overcome fantasizing femdom sissy and cuck
  2. Is it possible that I ll stop thinking that my gf may try femdom and cuck and all on me

Any other suggestions and remarks are all welcome
But please do need help…:pensive:

Just take nofap seriously. And spend your time on your betterment. Soon you’ll beat your enemy. Stay strong :+1:

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Day 1

6th August
Wake up at 6( though planned for 4 but couldnt succeed):x:
Meditation( on chanting + pranayam):white_check_mark:
Studies❌( 7 hours target)
Religious classesâś…
Stayed away from youtube❌
Used phone wisely❌

I don’t knw but I have started feeling sad and broken
I’m continuously crying
Sometimes its through eyes
But most of the times crying from inside
Its hurting deeply
What’s hurting me
Are my own thoughts though I’m trying to control it and bend them to positive
It’s not happening …
I dont know how long will it take for me to c ok me out of this guilt of thinking all these dirty things…
I also fear that my gf might leave me due to few reasons
Earlier I didnt have these fear
But it all generated over last few months during lockdown due to watching porn and reading erotic stories
I dont know what will happen
Some 1 please help…:sob:

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Wake up at 4❌ ( woke up at 6)
Cycling :x:
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Yoga + exercise :white_check_mark:
Religious teaching :white_check_mark:
Temple :x:
Study 7 hours :x:( though better than earlier)
Used phone wisely :x:
Stayed away from youtube :x:
I know I have made lots of mistake but trying to bring all :x: as :white_check_mark:
Feeling much much much more better
Coz whatever was going in my mind the insecurities and all I just told her and she agreed with me and helped so now a lot peaceful…:grin:
Today I finally did head stand so happy though it was for 15 seconds but I managed to do it properly with the support of wall
So a good start

I understood 1 thing today
It was not our mistake to indulge in these things
But it will be a sin if even after knowing it is not good I dont do anything to overcome this…

I’ll make it happen

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For my experience , continue your goals brother and keep walking . Here a text I made to help others , this help me too , because God like me to help others and help me , this tips or tools is very effective:


I’ve been on nofap since 2014 , My High streak is 1596 days (without P and without M), lately I’ve been 100 , before that I was addicted to P and M for 11 years betwee 2003 to 2014 and used it every day during that period, I had depression, anxiety, phobias and Panic Syndrome and I live in this time like a prisioner of myself , with so much suffering because P and others things in my Life, Then I got attached to the Creator that with the Strength of His Majesty answered me and put in my path a site similar to the Rewire Companion that helped me out of the bondage of Addiction a site called GuardYourEyes and I got a streak of 4 ½ years

Here are the Tools:


Guarding yourself of triggers is essential for get away from Pmo addiction and not just for 90 days, but for the rest of your life, for this the following measures must be adopted:


At least 50 percent of falls I hear in social media come from instagram
even if the person doesn’t follow any instagram model, Instagram puts them without you asking for these models on your screen, it happened to me on social networks and I know it must have happened to you too

Beware of netflix, opt for other streaming services that have fewer triggers, netflix is ​​champion in triggers!
By the way , I recommend you exclude netflix and anothers movies and series with heavy triggers forever

Watch out for some news sites, know where you step, yes have serious sites of news without triggers

And on the street don’t look at women who are dressed provocatively, as this will lead you to fall hours later (as it enters your mind through your eyes and your brain will use it against you later), look away you don’t have to look for none of these triggers

So the principle of Guarding Your Eyes is when you see a trigger anywhere, whether in real or virtual life, immediately dodge the trigger and focus on details around you, breathe 10 seconds, hold the air for 10 seconds and release in 10 seconds do as many times as necessary, if it doesn’t help, take a cold shower to get you back to normal, know that this will pass, this pain is temporary and happens to everyone, especially at the beginning of the reboot, see this as a beneficial pain from surgery taking a tumor (in this case addiction)

Know that guarding your eyes is like exercising your muscles, as time goes by it becomes a habit and that with time ends up being part of you, if it is not true how you explain possible I stay for years without PMO?


It is essential to get out of addiction to put fences, and one of these fences are blockers, and there are countless ones in the app stores with prominence for Blockerx, BullDog Blocker, Safe Surfer, Pure Web and Clean Browsing (the latter does not have in the app store, only on the official Cleanbrowsing website, free of charge).
Blockers are to prevent involuntary triggers, such as those that appear when you are doing a search for work or school on google images and the triggers appear and also to block the cell phone in case you want to see it, you can also configure it for this by going to password for someone
Blockers also help against triggers on google and youtube, as some of them automatically put youtube and google in restricted mode


This thing is very direct. I don’t think I have to explain.


In order to achieve your goal, you need to understand what causes you to relapse. So, for many they are instagram, whatsapp group, without relationship, without purpose in life, boredom, these are the biggest reasons for falling.

Pay attention to what can generate boredom in you, some examples that can generate boredom are: not having contact with people, that is, not socializing, spending a lot of time on the internet aimlessly browsing haphazardly, whether marathoning series or playing, these things do not fill and generate a lot of boredom, so they should be used with balance in descending moments, I repeat again BALANCE

  1. BE BUSY

Always be busy with constructive things, work, study, build or renovate something, it is something good for the Brain and for your well being and it really fills you up


Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, goals for life, just have goals for your brain to automatically process your ability to achieve it.
And to help you with that I recommend the counting app called Quitzilla.


This will help you to resist these urges, sexual thoughts and give you the power to focus and concentrate.


When the urge arises, go to the shower and take a cold shower.
Cold shower refresh the soul and kill the urges!
Cold shower is to the Mental health and to the whole body very beneficial .Look here:


Donate to charity, do volunteer work, forgive whoever has to forgive, fight for justice in your country, bring light to this world, KNOW that you can make difference ! KNOW that each one of you is special!
Donate sites that fight against Pmo like Rewire companion and others similar sites according to your conditions.

Somehow do good always.

If you want to go further, You can fight for Justice in your country, proposing laws as a citizen to criminalize the production and distribution of pornography, if you have the influence and conditions to do!Do It! Fight for a better world! Be an instrument of God and God will bless your life a lot! Fighting with you in your struggles and Freeing you from the addiction of pornography.


Of all that , I said for you : The foundation of everything is to take refuge in God, no matter religion or non-religion, know that there is something that is above you and that is part of your Essence, it is that inner Voice, of Encouragement that gives you strength in darkest hours and that always calls us, no matter how dark we find ourselves, this Voice is from our Source that calls us and fights this War together with us, without your help and without applying the tools above I would never be able to be free

I hope that the tips above can help you just as it helped me, I want to remind you that the 90 days are just the beginning of the reboot is not the end, so the importance of always having goals, even when completing 1 year, 2, 3 is not the Finally, never accommodate never ! When you reach 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, etc. etc.
The rule of Guarding Your Eyes is eternal and NEVER accommodating ,
because nobody becomes invincible after 90 days, you get stronger and stronger, but if you falter and do not guarding your eyes and live a life without goals sooner or later, you will fall.
If you fall, remember of never go back to square one, do not let a block dismantle the building you have built!
And after you rise up help others rise up too!

Come on! Let’s do It ! Let’s destroy this addiction and the Evil Empire of Pornography!



Day 3
8th august
Writing a bit early
Because have nothing
I couldnt do anything today
Because last night I woke up at 3
I was having the worst night mare ever
It was regarding porn mastrubation and also the things of femdom cuck siss… and all
I was so scared that all those were happening with me
I was just moving in my sleep while sweating and shouting no no (I got to know because my granny said I was shouting )
It was difficult
I woke up suddenly and then after every 1 slept
I just sat closed my eyes and started on chanting
Then folded my hands and started narrating navkar mantra
It helped me to control my urges
Then after 1 hour I slept peacefully
And so I woke up late and couldnt do anything
It’s fine but I will not give up…

I’ll keep trying :blush:

I was just sitting to take rest and thought
Why do I keep thinking of all these shitty thoughts
Then I came to conclusion
99% of sexual fantasies that we have is due to porn and out of this only 2% are good one

Why do I think of femdom and all those sorts
Coz my brain is made to think this is all common and this is what people love to do…
Shit while taking rest I remember fee erotic stories that I had read on these topics and I had become so much angry ki I wanted to break the face of that character
Shit porn
Fuck the porn industry …to make my mind dirty as this…:rage:

Your brain is infected with all these porn stuffs… You need time to repair it!
Thanks to neuroplasticity you’ll recover! But you’ve to give up PMO!

I know you can!

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Day 4
Wake up at 4 :x:( I woke up at 1 then at 3 then at 4 and finally at 5)
Exercise :white_check_mark:
Religious teaching :white_check_mark:
Meditation :x:
Studies :x:
No urges :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:( happiness)

Just a suggestion to those who want to stop watching porn

U can install blockerx on ur phone
It is really good
On youtube use restricted mode
For this go to settings and then general
May every 1 overcome this evil
Stay happy and pmo free

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Day 5
10th august
Wake up at 5
Religious teaching
And 0 urges.
But study must increase…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Wake up at 4âś…
Yoga + pranayamâś…
Studies :white_check_mark:
I had a strong urge
It happened like I had to open my bro s laptop which has 1000 or more of porn videos and story
I finished his work and then wanted to watch pormln
Opened the hidden folder
I swear if 2 more seconds
I would have watched and mastrubated
Thank god
I felt like no I dont want to do and quit and closed the laptop and started studying …
Feels good
Will keep trying …:slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow, you need to eliminate triggers ASAP. Why do you even have a laptop filled with filth? brother, my opinion is you should delete them, because they are just temptation. Delete every single triggering media. You are quitting for life. Why keep them

I wish I could
But the laptop is my elder brother and he has so many
I cant delete him coz it difficult to discuss all these stuffs openly
So only I domt use laptop other than his work if he cant access it

Cool. Really be careful when you use the device though. It’s difficult, especially in the early stages to resist, if you have the shit right there, one click away. If you have to indeed work on it, get to work while around people, parents or siblings. Don’t let yourself be alone with a potential trigger. I’ve made that mistake before and regret it so bad.

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Hi. We have similar life story.
Now i am trying no fap too (1 Day :D)

I liked femdom and cuckold stuffs too. Its hurting me cause of my GF. I love her. But this kinky fantasies are gross. Not romantic, not for relationship. Its sad.

So. I need try no fap for month? Two? Three?

I need be sure before broke up.
Is it me from nature? Or broken mind from porn?

I think, that we all know answer.

But i need to try it for my own.

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Quit for life, is what I’d say. If you aim to nofap for a particular period, you make it feel like it’s ok to relapse after that. The streaks are just milestones we need to feel a sense of achievement. They are short term goals. The true goal is to reset your brain and mind to never be aroused by pixels on a screen or fantasies in your mind ever again, and to get it back to normal - to be hella attracted to real people, like you are supposed to. The true goal is to get an awesome life, free from the negative effects of porn and masturbation, to never even having to think about doing it again, because you are busy with things that really matter and other people. I will quit for life is the mindset you need to be successful. Also, yeah, your attraction to weird shit will surely go away if you religiously follow NoFap, for long periods. It’s hard as fuck, it’s too difficult, i know, but it’s worth a million times the work. Stay strong