Back To Basics (part 1): 10 days NOFAP CHALLENGE

Why I want to create a group - For the beginners and for the “amateurs in Nofap”.
I know it sounds a little boring, “10 days Nofap challenge.” Anybody can do it right, there’s no fun, no glory in there right? But guess what 90% of the people in the Nofap Community are STUCK HERE… because most of us are busy building castles in the air(90 days/100 days stuff), without mastering the basics-The 10 days Nofap challenge.

*Arnold Schwarzenegger says that before accomplishing BIG goals in life, complete and achieve the smaller goals first. That way you would be building up your confidence and the muscle of your will-power to accomplish the still bigger and higher goals. This is a competition for all the nofappers who are unable to get past even a week or so.
*The only condition for taking part in this group is that, as is obvious, your current streak must be below the 5 days mark.
*By Nofap here i mean:

  1. Completely avoiding watching or even looking at ■■■■.
  2. Semen retention.
  3. No Masturbation.

Only 10 days fap free, come on you owe yourself atleast that much.Come and join this group and prove to yourself that you can overcome this illness and can be the version of yourself you were meant to be. Your life awaits you!!!


Here is the List, The HALL OF FAME [For Season One]: :crown::crown::lion::lion::lion::crown::crown:

Itachiuchiha99, d37514 , Day 10+ :fireworks: :trophy::1st_place_medal:
Resurgent; 971ff5; Days 10 { 2 } + :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Dipz, 1d2a29, Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
jtr/kurtwl, 9a7651, Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
ReloadingSacks 2259e7 Day 10(2)- :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Muqatilh e728e7 Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Pedrambn 86e562 Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Earthbender 88fbdc Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
NOTaverage d576b7 Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
sabinsalk 778723 day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Sadraw, e828d8, Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
jwkeating, 54c605, Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Stokesy78 a159b0 Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
DarkWanderer,cb3338, Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
King456 72358d Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
acarnegie743,79b786,Day 10(2)+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
karthikgupta785,eedfa0,Day 10(2)+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
abhijeetminiclip e8263a Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:, 46b729, Day10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Melissa 4d2092 day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Rowi73 d77a23 Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
nomad1024 963355 Day 10 :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
Sun-Wukong 1cb722 Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:
abhinav1236 367592 Day 10+ :fireworks::trophy::1st_place_medal:



acarnegie743, dmjory, Day 10(11)- :medal: :medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports:, 46b729, Day10- :medal:
s8k8, 29d44d, Day 10- :medal:
VibeIlusion, bed093, Day10- :medal:
ReloadingSacks, 2259e7, Day 10- :medal:
nomad1025, 963355, Day 10- :medal:

Nfwarrior Day 6
Halogen Day 3
Mr.DryEyes b6d2fb Day 2
Babadu 41fea1 Day 1
Ddddd 5583168 Day 2
abhishekfightsfap 648bdd day 1
Tushard964,60a5c5 , Day 1
purity6 996ff4 day 1
Bogibobi kkz870 Day 1
Abdovirus14/boodystrike 1c91dd Day 0
Anmol93 2d543f Day 0
Tyson 266383 Day 0
Ddann 43afdd Day 0
the_alpha_wolf 77b4ee Day 0
Nfwarrior day 0
peacelover - 4161ad - Day 0
xavier2- ae20b4- Day 0
Blue gladiator Day 0
Thenofap_king- oki7gu- day 0


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Wow i have completed the Nofap 10 Days challenge for the fifth time. It’s a small step but a great achievement for me.
I will revisit this group now only after 90 days!!!

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I’m back. Posting this from PC. Yet I might reset my counter on the app as soon as I reinstall it.

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Oh i was wondering… i thought you were on day 40. When did you relapse?

why you remove my name

I have relapsed…:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

Im back again. Day 5.

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Day 5.hoping to be in 10 days soon

I am on day 5 too companion!!

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I have relapsed again. This will be one more try again… :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

Same as you bro. Fuck the regret is strong

Never back down. Never surrender or we die.

Hello there how do I join?
Code: 826714
Current streak: 4 days
Longest streak: 21 days
Location: usa, California.
This is my info. Thanks. Lets beat this! :muscle: :fire:

How can I join your challenge?
Code: 41fea1
Current streak: 6 days
Longest streak: 20 days
Location: Egypt

Bro why are you relapsing so much. Come on!!

Lol, I didn’t expect that kind of post. I didn’t know that somebody has added me.

For anybody who might be interested, i have completed Nofap 10 days challenge for a sixth time. This is a great way, getting consistent small victories, to build your confidence( pragmatic one), discipline and stength of mind in doing Nofap. Wish all the Nofappers their best!


Hi I am a beginner on Day 1. Help me overcome this people. May God bless you all.