Back To Basics 2 (PART 2): 10 - 20 days

Why I want to create a group


I would like to revive the old challenge Back to Basics from 2018. In one of my previous posts I wrote I won’t make any groups, but due the fact that the most notable progress I made while taking part in those challenges I decided to bring them back.

The rules depend on the mode you are on:

  • NORMAL DIFFICULTY: Softmode - NoPM = No Porn, Masturbation, but Orgasm(Sex) is allowed
  • HARD DIFFICULTY: Hardmode - NoPMO = No Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm (Sex)
  • HARDCORE DIFFICULTY: Monkmode - NoPMO, No Social Media, No TV, No Music, No Internet

Soft images, fantasizing, peeking counts as a porn too.

To sign up for a challenge, just copy the template below and paste it in the first post below this thread:

Nickname Code Streak

Update you streak whenever you want. The first couple days are the hardest, so find the way to deal with the urges and prevent them. The primary focus should be always on your routine and your goals. Counting days and thinking all the time about NoFap is bad for your mind.

When you finish this challenge you can update the Hall of Fame below with your name and code appended by adequate icon:

:heart: - you have finished PART 1 or > 10 days
:yellow_heart: - you have finished PART 2 or > 20 days
:green_heart: - you have finished PART 3 or > 30 days
:blue_heart: - you have finished PART 4 or > 45 days
:purple_heart: - you have finished PART 5 or > 60 days
:orange_heart: - you have finished PART6 or > 90 days

So when I finish the challenge I could be seen in HoF as:

ReloadingSacks hmf9bc :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart:

Of course I will try to bump this topic from time to time to not get it closed.

:point_up: Previous Part :point_up:

:point_down: Next Part :point_down:

Hall Of Fame



:medal_sports:PART 2 Winners:medal_sports:

:medal_sports:Natalia / dkpt8h / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Gaben / ly901o / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:TheWindWaker/ 65feff / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:JorgeCMP / y6lb1f / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:AnthonyKojima / vuz0j8 / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:uebermensch | 25d0b2 / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Invincible_Knight | xcorcn/ Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Mystery2017 | c9ab6c / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Doombaby | 1bsqha / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Rjhala/ 4fcb57 / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Killer Attitude | ktknv7 / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Alegend | 5x6e28 / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:ReloadingSacks | 1tcr4a / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Chady025 | pilsny / Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Martial_Beast | xatx66 | Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:Rowdy_Nik | nlyxyt | Days 20 :ballot_box_with_check:
:medal_sports:malebolgia | d249583efd0b5b41f | 20 Days :ballot_box_with_check:

:black_small_square:PART 2 Challengers:black_small_square:

Users with trust level 1 and above can only edit the post. If you are at trust level 0, spend some time in the forum you will be upgraded automatically


Please update your info in part 1. This one is dedicated for users between 10 and 20 days.

Natalia / dkpt8h / 13 days / Hard mode

Do I need to update anything else? Also, this is a great idea, it’s this middle phase that I’ve found to be hard. Thank you for creating this :slight_smile:

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@Natalia As the first post states:

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The links to corresponding challenge parts have been added to the main topic.

Congratulations @srubio on reaching 10 days! You got this my man!

Feel free to sign up to this part!

Good luck and be strong!


Congratulations to @Invincible_Knight on reaching 10 days! You got this my man!

Feel free to sign up to this part!

Good luck, be strong and keep grinding!

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And u also stay strong @ReloadingSacks
Come here soon buddy…we are waiting here for you…All the very best :+1:


Topic and scoreboard have been updated.

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Congratulations to @Gaben on reaching 10 days! You got this my man!

Feel free to sign up to this part!

Good luck, stay strong and keep grinding!

Thank you, @ReloadingSacks.

This is very helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi resurgent. Nice to see you.

How you know that he is resurgent??

15 days. Feeling pretty good.

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Why your name is not written in this scoreboard…? @Gaben

I made it. Thank you.

Day 20 completed! :tada::grin::sunglasses::confetti_ball:


It’s time to go onto the next step :muscle: