August Challenge | True warrior's decision 🧗🏻‍♂️| Ultimate streak on. [Entries closed]

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Name jiruyu

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I have a question from everyone, i know that this challenge is PMO, but is Orgasm - O from normal sex allowed? I am using this app to control my porn and masturbation addiction. But I don’t want to completely stop sex life. Which I think is healthy unlike porn and masturbating.

What are the views of the participants on this?


I want to join @Binocular

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Add me @Binocular :
Name: Stevens
Current streak: 1 day
Code: n1yrus

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Name of joiners will be putted here:

Third group:

31_ @ki11 - 0 points
32_ @kennethgr8 :x: out of this challenge (relapsed on August 1st two times)
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40_ @yashnofap01 - 40 points Nofapper :beginner:


Hey @The_integrous_one , @Sholt_Tenkerrot , @WalKir , @The_Ambitious_One , @anon87955785 . Interested in this challenge?


If you still cannot O from physical stimulation and need to fantasize in order to reach climax you shouldn’t be having sex. Try two weeks of hardmode first, but fantasizing during sex is like using a warm body as a masturbation tool which is a setback to your reboot. Sex doesn’t remind you to do Nofap but the opposite.
No PMO is the most life changing method, don’t you think that the Nofap community added O in PM for a reason?


You can never feel free in life if you’re a slave to your emotions. O has a big effect on PM. No PMO changed many people’s lives. Forget these wrong ideas, don’t lie to yourself and watch things clearly with open mind and soul. Best of luck :rose:.


Last Day before challenge checkin…
Current Streak= 1 day 7hours 28 minutes


Ok man, going HARD MODE NO PMO!

Gonna rely on your Bros for motivation :laughing:


Hi bro, The challenge looks interesting, but I have some personal commitments brother. Even if I join this challenge, I won’t be able to update on a daily basis. Hope you don’t mind.

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No problem buddy :blush:
20 characters

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For those who don’t know anything about a sharing code:

Sharing code is a common way for finding a companion, watching his progress and when he relapses.

What to do when your friend gives you his sharing code:

Copy this sharing code
Down below on screen there will be five icons
Click on the third icon
Click on the three dots at the bottom
Click on add companion
Paste the sharing code

But where is my sharing code?:

Down below on screen there will be five icons
Click on the third icon
Click on the three dots at the bottom
Click on my sharing code
Paste your sharing code here.

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Sharing Code : jk2n7k

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Sharing code: wping4


Important Note: Tomorrow is the first day of this challenge, this life-changing challenge that will end all of your life problems. Be prepared:

1/ Decide once and for all to quit this ugly behavior, imagine yourself doing PMO, what do you see? A human or an animal? is this really you? do you still want to be that person?
So stand up and fight, fight like a true warrior and make your decision. Decide once and for all, a real and strong promise to yourself that you will become a better version of yourself, a true, strong, powerful human being.

2/Write down :writing_hand: your task list, here is mine:

1_ Sleeping between 9 p.m - 10 p.m :first_quarter_moon_with_face::

2_ Drinking water :sweat_drops: :

3_ Prayer :place_of_worship: :

4_ BreathiIg :seedling::

5_ Meditation :man_in_lotus_position::

6_ Exercising :muscle::

7_ Cold :snowflake: Shower :shower::

10_ perfume :rose: 3 times a day​

9_ Food :apple:

10_ Play the piano :musical_keyboard: :

11_ reading :orange_book: and dialogue what I learned with my grand-father :man_curly_haired:t2::man_white_haired:t2:.

12_ No video games, only brain games allowed :brain:.

13_ daily diary :writing_hand::

14_ Confidence actions :tipping_hand_man:t2:

15_ the stress management challenge :angel:

16_ study more than half an hour :man_teacher:.

17_ Do at least 5 kind things to others :handshake:

18_ Screen time less than 2 hours :eye:

19_ Satisfaction :innocent:: (More than 75% :dagger:)

3/Make it too hard to relapse:

Tighten your belt so hard, delete all triggers on your phone, write down your goal on a paper and always keep it with you, always stay with other people and never stay alone, download Safe Surfer app wich helps you to block Porn websites, but most of all, if you start P or M or O, say:" who do you think you are? I can’t believe that I’m a slave to this thing!!! I’m in control here, this is my body, I will never let anybody control me, I’m the master of my brain and soul. Bow down to me!!"

4/ Make peace with your addiction, you don’t need to fight it cause it’s a loosing battle.

It’s like drinking water and trying to not pee, in the end you will loose. Scientists found that when you try to resist urges, you consume too much glucose ( which gives us energy ) then you will be weak and without energy then relapse.

So what to do?

Use your energy on good habits, teach your brain to produce Dopamine ( hormone of pleasure ) through good habits, this will make both a productive and balanced person plus, you will feel less urges and you will become stronger.

You will never succeed without the 5th step:

5/ Part 1:

No matter what happens, No matter what strong urges you face, always remember why you started.
This will help you to always continue the road of success. Do you really want all of your struggle to just faid away? and for what? 5 seconds of pleasure?

Part 2:

A wise man who had 1000 day streak on Nofap was asked, how did you do it?

He asked the questioner:" Can you go one day?

He responded:" Of course, but it seems impossible to get to 1000. Even to get to 90"

The man then told him:" If you could go one day, you can go 1000, If you fix your eyes on the top of the mountain, you will miss the little bumps in the ground, and trip over them because you weren’t paying attention to the little obstacles."

“But”, the man said," If you can just get over each little step you have to make along the way, you will be at the top in no time"

Do not focus on the top of the mountain and trip on the little rocks in your way.

Just win over one day at a time.


All the best to you and to other participants!
August is going to be my life changing month :fire:


July 31st

This month ends and a new one begins.

I relapsed more than 10 times this month of July where i hoped it was going to be less.

August comes and I will see that I will have been in this addiction for 2.5 years.

As someone who started at the beginning of the pandemic, I learned that my addiction was connected to loneliness and boredom. This is due to where I live.

I also have had no relationship with the opposite sex. I’m straight. I am male. I am a failure at approaching and attracting women.

Before you say NoFap will fix this, know that I never knew what masterbation was before the age of 29. I never masterbated before that and learned on my own by happenstance.

Furthermore, I rarely exercise, I am tired and angry a lot, and I am not interested in any hobbies.

I apologize for such a long message, but all of this is why I need to end this addiction and learn how to gain confidence and belief in myself as I don’t believe in myself for anything.


Let this topic be our diary, let this challenge be our life changing one, let August be our best month, let’s make difference in our lives this month, let’s change, let’s win life :trophy: Together, all of us, we are all like a family :family: we all understand each other, we all know what we are facing, but we also know what to do:
“Nofap” :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


My Todolist For Tomorrow
1_ Wim Hof Breathing ( 120 Breaths ):man_in_lotus_position:

2_ 10 Push ups

3_ Read 2 Pages :open_book:

4_ Write Gratitude :writing_hand:

5_ Kapalabhati Pranayam ( 90 Breaths ):man_in_lotus_position:

6_ Bhramari Pranayam

7_ Cold Shower :shower:

8_ Meditation :man_in_lotus_position:

10_ Learn Portuguese

11_ Revise French and German

12_ Watch Comedy :joy:

13_ Evening Walk🚶‍♂️

14_ Sambhavi Mudra ( 7 minutes )

15_ Ashwini Mudra ( 200 Rounds ) :man_in_lotus_position:

16_ Solve 1 Sudoku :dart::chess_pawn:

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