Are there any Buddhists

Just out of curiosity. In the last 2.5 years in which this forum existed, I saw all kinds of topics about religion. Mainly Christian and Muslim.

I was wondering, are there any Buddhists in this forum?

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Yes I am a Buddhists but I worship all Hindu gods including gautam buddha.


Greetings! I am new here.
My code:yjabrs
@mehulshakya I’ve got a question for You.
What if I use tantric methods and don’t waste any semen (without porn). Do I supose to count it as fall?
P.s.My parents made me christian. But since some shrooms I synthetize religions as parts of one.

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I actually don’t know much about it. So I can’t help you with that. Search about it on Google by ending your question with the word " nofap " and you may get a suggestion of

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I will try. Thank You.

It’s a difficult question.
I think you have to consider certain things for yourself since there is no true right answer.

Some points to think about:

  • Is semen something that should be saved for recreation?
  • Is there a energy in semen which you can harvest?
  • Is having tantric sex basically edging? (Indulging and holding on to the pleasure for as long as possible?)
  • What is the true reason why you prefer tantric over “regular” sex?

I personally see semen as regular cells of our body. So, I’m not really attached to it. On the other side, I feel like I would extend the duration of sex because I wanna have the feeling for longer. I don’t wanna go back to normal life and wanna be on the “high” state for as long as possible.
So, if I wanna let go of the attachment to the feeling of the orgasm, I should also not indulge in tantric sex.

Hope this clears things a bit.


It’s sth oposite to edging.
But you can have multiple orgasms like women.
You can’t harvest energy but you save it. All these important nutrients which body has to use to produce semen are not wasted.

But I see that doing it without partner is probably kind of trap. And leads me to consume porn.
Sooner or later.

You can perfectly use tantric menthods to preserve your semen.only thing is it should not stay more long down.
That’s why people try to lift is by doing chakra meditation and asanas related to chakra upliftment.

I would like to share one truth with you.
Orgasm and ejaculation are two different tributaries of our genital organ.
Orgasm is only without semen release and ejaculation is with semen release.
Don’t get confused.

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I know that my friend.
That was the question. Is it falling down to get this orgasm without ejaculation (without porn)? Dopamine will be relesed anyway, right?
Prolactine later to. Thats making me confused. I used to do kind of tantric masturbation/meditation. I felt orgasm by whole body. Starts under stomach ends in head. Earlier when I was training flexing these muscles I was able to ejaculte in my girlfriends hair during doggystyle…
You suggest to do it and then anahata meditation for example?

Yes you can do any type of meditation.
But always remember meditation is awareness alone.
Meditation IS NOT concentration and contemplation.
You are aware of your feelings thoughts sensations and vulnerabilities.

Can you tell me what is falling down exactly?

I mean my fall as masturbation during nofap.
You have to focus/concentrate to be aware.
Don’t ya? Trataka, mindfulness…

See i will explain this in a simple term -
Observe your mind as a witness when you meditate.
For example-
A thought will come such as the dog in the opposite house is cute.
Just watch this thought arise and fall or come and leave.
Dont mentally say yes the dog is cute.
Here is where meditation - what you think of definition for it fails.
I will add a link to you and this is the truth.

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I not able to wach it now. But I love to listen this guy.

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Hello. I watched this guy, but for some reasons he says just part of truth…
Some people just need to add some technics to still their maind.
For example if you have some trauma from childhood you won’t be able to be just witness.
Your mind will eat you.
Pranayama is grate and he says don’t do it…
This will help you with energetic blockades. It lets energy flow.
Wim Hoff method is based on pranayama.


what a coincidence !

Just 2 weeks ago I ordered 4 of his books. I absolutely love them and they already changed my life.

Yesterday I googled about Addiction and Buddhism and found one of his dhamma talks. Since I didn’t have much time then, I just skimmed through to see if I should remember the video and by chance, I jumped to one place where he explicitly mentions porn addiction. I’m so excited to listen to that talk tonight!


If you learn yogic philosophy all the entire universe’ breathing is based on pranayama.
Different types of pranayama is adopted by different forms at different situations.
Win Hoff adopted one type of pranayama and got trademark for it.
If you do 200 hours yoga teacher training then you know or just Google out.
Try Ujjaiyi Pranayama.
It’s like you pull shrink your capacity or size of throat and then you inhale and exhale.
God you bro.
Did you went through Karezza method?


Brother please tell me how much was the cost of those books?

Your knowledge is impressive.

I heard some whispers from Divine Mother.
Since then I have started to see word in different way.
I will check out these methods.

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