Are there any Buddhists

There is no such a thing as a coincidence.


This is yoga for my physical body…

Please kindly elaborate.
I am willing to know more.
Word in different way?

You ask about doing weights or whispers Brov? Whispers… ofcourse
@Transporter it’s hard to just use tounge and explain. herb(for years)=>shrooms in forest=> I woke up! They lied to me! They have been lieing and programing me for whole my life!
I felt and I was able to see energy running through trees. Even in their roots under my feet…
Sudennly after this experience… books. Just appears. Without any my initiative “Power of now” was the first one. Wim breathing+cannabis vaping+ Meditation with trees=>meditation with crystals…I quit meat for months. Situations from past came back. For example I’ve been to UK for few years more then 10 ears ego. And there some guy shown me breath of fire. We were going to gym together and he told me that is good to burn fat. Mabe he was experimenting with me. But I connected this with Wim Hof. Later I watched some documentary in which students of Wim doing also this kind of brathing.
I started to feel who is lieing to me. Who is trying to get sth by my cost. I quit “friends”. They were just munching my energy.
Some humens have nasty, energetic symbionts…
I discovered why I used to have kind of epilepsy… and my empathic nature. One year ego my awarness was in HIGH peak.
I lost it somehow. It was like falling from anahata to swadhisthana (Awiessałom Podwodnyj book explanation). I went back to old bad habbits for some time.
I work them out successfully now.
BTW this is movie from some interesting person (stones expert) due this chaotic story


Just standard book prices. Between 10 and 25 dollars
They were worth every cent so far.
It is so inspiring reading his stories and so often his jokes make me cry tears.

Okay. Please tell me the name of the books.

You give names of these books or what?!

Give us the name of the books bro.
We would love to buy and read.

:joy: no hurry guys. I haven’t forgotten you
I was busy spending my time wisely :slight_smile:

From Youtube I loved this one. It helped me a lot:

I red:

  • I absolutely loved “Don’t worry be Grumpy”. It has 108 very short stories about all situations of life. Very deep meanings which can be applied for ones life. (Sometimes you have to spend some time thinking about the meaning of a story)

  • “Falling is Flying. The Dharma of Facing Adversity”. Also kind of short stories taken from the life of Ajahn Brahm. Similar to the one above.

  • “Don’t just be mindful, be kindful”. I have just started this one. It is a guidance for mindfulness and meditation. It seems like it takes you through the stages of meditation and how to face some issues. I can maybe tell you more about this one once I have finished it.

  • the biography of Thich Nhat Hanh (by Chadelat and Baudouin) which was very interesting especially if you are interested in background information about the Vietnam war. Probably half of the book is about Engaged Buddhism and how he sees the world and the other half is historical facts about the war.


@neveragaintw Thank You!
@Transporter What is your story? Ireland is known as forest and also shrooms country:-D

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My story is a painful tale of childhood abuse to a successful man.
It’s really not for faint hearted.
People ,few I see are really not humble when they achieve Nofap success.
I believe you are a humble soul man.
Ireland is a nature’s Kingdom and silence haven in the country side.
Love you so much Span1ard.


My dad was sentenced for domestic violence.
Mental abuse. So we have something in common Brov.
BTW Psychology calls it narcissism or what is closer- psychic vampire. For whole my life I was collecting people as friends. People with qualities of my father… My subconscious mind was poisoned. Hard lesson. But only because of that, I can see who is bad apple now.
Even when it looks yummy I am able just to smell rot inside.
I love You to🙏


Taht will be considered edging, worse than PMO

Edging is when you do not have orgasm.
You go to edge few times befor that…

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Guys, do you eat meat?
What is your experience?
Is it possible to be healthy, strong with grate physical body without animals in diet? And without using for example saa…
(@Transporter, @Brahmachari_17, @neveragaintw, @knitty-gritty)

I’ve never eaten single piece of any animal’s body, though I drink milk . I turned out to be a well built guy . Here in India a large society is vegetarian and have great physic. It’s normal and easy to maintain a great physic.
Thanks for asking.

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What do you think about eating eggs?

Hey buddy
Sorry for the late answer.
If i may ask, what is the reson for not eating animal products (ethics, taste, or health)?

It is definitely possible to have a healthy diet without animal products (there are vegan professional athlets. I guess they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others if they had a bad diet).
But it is also obvious, that you can’t just take the western diet and remove all the animal products and think your healthy with that. Especially with vegan, you really have to check, that you have all essential nutrients covered with what you eat.

I personally am in the lucky position, that i can afford high quality animal products. So, i don’t eat lots of meat but if i do, i know that it is organic from a local farm with happy animals. Like that i can eat it without major health or ethical concerns.
Same with eggs.

Hope that helps a bit. Feel free to ask if you wanna know more


Eggs are healthy. I don’t eat them, it’s a religious issue. Though I am not so religious, but to eat non veg. I have to go way out of way, which I haven’t yet.


@neveragaintw I am not going to quit animal products. I have access to high quality products as well. I consider quitng just meat. (another question would be: What is difference between meat and carcass?) I noticed it can drastically increase my skills as empath.
@knitty-gritty could you explain me this religious issue? Before insemination egg is like milk.