Anybody want to join me on the rest of 2019 nofap challenge. We will start with 30 days, then 90, then the rest of this year. You with me?


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Age - 36
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Location - Ireland

Why I want to create a group - * Support and advice from people I can relate too


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Location - India


Well done, Change your user name… Lol


Current streak :3 days
Just started, beginner
Gender - M
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Im here with you!
Code: 65feff
Curent streak: 28 days


Still on this streak day 23. Day 4 of this challenge. Nearly relapsed on St Patrick’s Day, peaked on my phone on a escorts site for a minute or 2, but then said no and went camping, read my bible for a hour in the woods and the urges went praise God. The urges can be so strong if you let them, but we have the power and authority to overcome them. Stay strong my brothers.

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I want to join this 2019 Challenge!!!

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I’m in.

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Age: 26
Gender: female
Location: India

I need the support and the perseverance to not think that 90 days is all it takes. I want to press in to the finer, better, holier things of life and I’m not going to stop pursuing excellence. With PMO gone I’m free to explore and I want to keep it that way. My life is transformed and I am a victor! Thanks for this group :smiley:


My sharing code is rh4exw
Current streak 224
Highest streak 224
Let the challenge begin

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Current streak: 7 days
Highest streak: 7 days
Country: Pakistan

I’m in too

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How you guys doing? I’m doing OK on day 31


My highest was a month. Right now I’m on day 12.

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I’m in! Day 1 currently… last streak 10 days… highest in a long time, really. Highest is 50 days back to back… I can do even better! We can all do it!

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Good day, friends. :slight_smile:
May i join you?

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I’m new in the app so my 45 days streak was when I am not yet a member here.

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Age - 25
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Hi Tom i want to fight with you. I have the same lord - Jesus Christ.

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Thanks Natalia for posting. You have very good Topic in profile.


Keep fighting the good fight! You can do it!!


Yes of course you can join bro. Good luck on this streak. God bless you.


Hi brother, yes of this streak I’ve experienced a good bit of sadness, depression, lonely, anxiety, but this is making me stronger, we’re in the past I would have relapsed. Praise God for the Holy Spirit for giving us the power to flee from this horrible temptation. God bless you friend


Just relapsed and joined the site. Although I’ve been using the app for over an year now, I realized the importance of accountability partners. Broke a 36 day streak, so it hurts. But back on it again.
Age 25
Max 45 days
Current 1 day
Here’s my code: y6z6r3

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