Anybody want to join me on the rest of 2019 nofap challenge. We will start with 30 days, then 90, then the rest of this year. You with me?

Get back up and keep in fighting!!

Day 35 hope this is the streak that I stay free and never return to the darkness. Stay vigilant at all times my friends

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Sharing code - 3c0731*

Current streak - 40 days *
Highest streak - 61 days *
This Challenge 21 days*
Age - 36
Gender - M
Location - Ireland
NO PMO. (No Sex)

Changing this challenge a little whoever gets to 30 days will be awarded with the title Warrior. Everyone who reaches 30 days will be on the warriors list. So please remember when you joined this challenge, so you can keep track of what day your on. I will reveal the name of the next award name for 45 days next week. Please post here when you reach 30 days. I am currently on 21 days of this challenge. Thank you for reading this post. Have a wonderful blessed day.

I’m in

Sharing code - 005ykd
Current streak : 5 days
Highest streak : 35 days
Gender - M
Location - Indonesia

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I need help man. After the 36 day streak, I went on a binge and haven’t been able to get back on a streak yet, just 1 day max. I need to get at least 3 days and then I’m good

Try meditation … morning But not with breathe techniq!!! But Christian meditation with bible Or buy a chop in pharmacy

Add me to motivate each other and to share experiences
Sharing Code: s8t2cx
Current Streak: 1 days
Highest Streak: 10 days
Age: 26
Gender: M
Location: UK
Challenge my self with like minded people

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Count me in brother
My code:0oiau5
Current streak:9 days
Anyone that needs a companion on this journey feel free to add

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I’m in
Current streak:-1 day
Highest streak:-63 days
My code:-oi86e5

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Hello friends, I’ve just got to 30 days on this challenge and am now on the warriors list. How you guys doing? Please update how your streaks are going.

Hi I feel bad i tried east meditation , IT looked like Christian ( breathing with mantra) but i found out that IT IS evil!

You became god . no one will judge you( scientist proove that old budhist have different minds they Can heal , levitat and make astral). If you are catholic i really recomend pry to madona she is connector with holy spirit. Just look at st. Paul 2 what happen how many miracles and purity to our faith. If not just relation with lord and bible …no empting mind. Look the Truth Brothers and became Warrior for what you have been creating.

Sorry friend Jesus Christ is the only one that can heal you and set you free.

I agree with you :wink: but comunity for us IS also important

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Username: Steve8822
Sharing code: mnpkkx
I’d love to join.

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Welcome to this group and challenge Steve. How a ye guys doing? I am on day 55, no urges really. Just 7 more days and I’ll beat my nofap record of 61 days. Hope you all have a wonderful blessed week

I’ve just beat my previous nofap record of 61 days God is good :slight_smile:


I’m in!

Code y57y2h
Streak: 30 Days
Longest Streak: 150 Days
Location: USA
Age: 42

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