Any tip for new user

Hello everyone I am rakshit and I am 22 years old. I want to quit my pmo habit permanently. So here I am in day 1


Welcome to the forums man!

It’s great to have another brother join us here.

If you want a good place to start, I’d highly suggest you take a look at some of the challenges hosted on this forum. They can be a great help to newcomers and they still help me today.

Currently I am in the “Check In - Daily Diary Challenge” which has really helped me to stay mindful and beat this addiction. However I came to that challenge after a lot of experience and knowing how I wanted to approach this, so you may want to start with a more beginner-friendly challenge that has a great community and amazing strategies to keep you accountable and get you started. That challenge would be “The Hero’s 90 Day Challenge” hosted by Forerunner.

I highly recommend that one. He utilizes all of the strategies that have helped me to get to 99 days PMO clean and that have helped him get to 170 days PMO clean.

Thought I’d throw those out there if you’re interested. Additionally, a lot of users like to turn their intro thread into a daily journal where they kind of go their own route but can still get support from this community, and that’s totally a good way to go too.

Anyway, hopefully that helps you to get started here. I wish you good luck man :+1: I’ll be around if you need anything :slightly_smiling_face:

Links to Challenges:


Thanks buddy, it is people like you who are kind enough to help a new person in this fight. I look forword to the 90 days dragon challenge. Thanks a lot man for your tip.


No problem, glad I could help!


Hi man, welcome and stay focussed. You WILL get out of the pmo habit. Never give up faith in yourself!


You have to make use of how your brain works. It’s like teaching an old dog new tricks.

You have to hijack your brain in order to get out of this addiction .

  1. Recognising the triggers - Here triggers might me social, environmental or emotional. You have to remember what was the reason you fapped the last time? Was it depression, was it anger, were you alone , were you procastinating, etc.

  2. Rewiring your brain - Once you recognise your triggers , now it’s time for you to replace them with new habits. And it should be a reward giving process. For example - instead of sitting ideal lonely , you decided to go to the gym. And if you regularly do the exercises for 1 week you will reward yourself with your favourite​ snack or buy something good. By getting into this reward system, your brain will develop this new habit into a necessity for survival.

By hijacking your brain you can come out of any addiction. And be strong, this journey is not for those who give up easily. They don’t deserve their dreams if they aren’t willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone.
Good luck on your journey @rakshit11 the community is here for you , if you have questions or any doubts.


Those are some great tips on hijacking the brain. Last night I felt some urges but i didnt give up on them as my desire to reach the goal was on priority. But i guess your solution is most effective for long run and at the times when you are free. Thanks man and we all shall prosper.


Yes bro, I will never give up as people like you are all together with me on this fight to conquer my fap addiction. I assure you that I won’t give up no matter how hard the urge is.