Any Christians?


Hey everyone, I failed in a really dumb way


I’m Muslim but here for all the same reason you guys are

Heres my code 183b37


All Muslims are The younger brothes in faith for Jewish and Christians so welcome :wink:


I’m catholic,2 days streak since i install the app

Porn and masturbation destroy my spiritual and social life.


Happy Easter Guys! May Christ bless You !


I don’t think it is even possible to fail in a smart way.


Hi, I’ve been a Christian all my life but in the last year or so I have been struggling to combat PMO addiction. It has been ruining my life both physically and spiritually but today I really felt the presence of God and felt Him telling me to reach out to other people for help. Untill then I had been too scared to do this. I could really use your prayers and help to fight this.


Guys, I didn’t do it but I edge a lot… Is it a sin?


I need help, I’m kinda really into ssa (Same sex attraction), I know it’s bad, that’s why I need help.
Code: ad97a9


Ive been struggling but I am, code: 309613 lets do th


I recommend to avoid it.


Hey everyone, I just started dating the love of my life and I can’t seem to quit this nasty habit. I feel so guilty about it but then I end up relapsing. My main problem is porn I think, if I even see a slightly revealing photo I go strait to porn :frowning: I need God’s help


Hi guys i am new Here :smiley:


Edging is bad for your brain its actually worse than relapse because you just create more pressure on your brain, i reccomend not to edge for your own good, drink lots of water during the out the day, concetrate on other things like hobby’s study etc, if we where talking from religion point of view then i guess its a sin but its more like temptation to see if you will fall for lust completely soo be carefull with what you watch alot. Good luck on this journey :blush::blush::blush:


HII :smiley: my account is. 1b1422


Oh sorry i dont know if you mention me. Actually im having some struggle these past days but i remmember you and other people fighting here, and i remmember my small group and how we keep fighting together and i ask them to pray for us eachother. Some advice for you from a book i read and based on the bible is, we tend to have desire for ourselves, for our ego and thats how we fall, but if we keep our desire to God and knowing Him, we tend to think Him more than our ego. Keep fighting guys. I’ll pray for you.


Hi guys! Another Christian here, from Spain, 30 years, 5 fighting this battle and one with this great app.

Add me please: 6e9b32


Please add me to this group


I’m a christian too doing this for crhist. Question what that codes means, i’m new here can sombody help me?


Thanks, i alredy added you, my code bea7a0