Any Christians?


Hi, i alredy added you. bea7a0 my code.


Going strong on this journey. So glad to see other brothers (& maybe sisters) in Christ fighting for this as well.

d377d3 is my code. Let’s overcome this together.


Hi guys
I’m new in this forum and app
I’m christian from Indonesia
Age 21. I really wanna quit this addiction. Hope this forum (and you guys) will help.
9c2cc2 please add me and together we can overcome this addiction


I’m a Christian and need accountability.


I happen to be OF the LDS faith and would be happy to help you. My sharing code is:e13b3d


Please add me need a Christian accountability partner still a noob with the app so don’t ubderstand the app so well, but here my code ea914e


Hi guys!

God is good. We will be free :raised_hands:t2:


I know what your going through. As a Christian woman I think it’s really hard to talk about this to anyone. I’m afraid of being judged or looked at differenly so I totally relate.
Add my code 901fae


I think if I could connect with someone when I feel urges coming I could be convinced not to follow through. Some accountability sounds helpful. Here’s my code 2dd8f7


I’m new here and would like a Christian accountability partner as well. Here’s my code: cf164f


I will add you brother. Stay strong in Jesus name. Don’t forget to pray for this journey as well. Amen. My code : 826714


Added you. God bless. :muscle:


Yes newly become a Christian. Nearly a year now.


I’m a Christian, studying at bible college and in the pursuit of holiness! Hit me up mate! 58cba7


I am with you in the name of Jesus Christ !!

My code is 33754f.

No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for his friends.
John 15:13 NIRV

from South Korea


Hello friends, I am looking for an accountability partner. I am Catholic. Age: 30 yrs. Male. Struggling with PMO for the last 18 years. I have tried rebooting but have always failed. I feel hopeless, depressed and worthless. I want someone to journey with as I take up this challenge. I seriously feel some times to end up my life out of sheer frustration. But I just want give a last try. Hope God is merciful and heals me of this terrible disease.

My Sharing code is b1b29f


42b6e6. Let’s win this race together


Hey, guys!
I really hope you make the difference in this generation. I know we can make this together. We are strong. God bless you!


Hey guys im new here im a Christian and i really like to quit this addiction…please add me
Here’s my sharing code 8872c6b


I would be glad to add you. I am a baby Christian. God be with you brother. Walk strong with him brother. I know for a fact there are sisters who struggle with this now.