Any Christians?


@sinnerbutloved doing much better now. I messed up about 5 days ago, but by God’s grace, I got back up. How are you guys doing?

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add me bro 22aec9
nice to meet you

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persistant require to claim our crown… if we fail, we’ll stand up again and fight back. God bless you :pray: Amen
in Christ we can.



a6a8b6 add me bro, let’s do this



@sinnerbutloved I messed up a good streak, relapsed again in less than 3 days 2 times, but now I am focused again, doing my devotional and fighting strong. I want to win this month, passing 30 days. I know I can do it. I WILL DO IT, BY THE GRACE OF OUR LORD!



dont give up brother… stand up again !
God bless you :pray: Amen



I’m a Christian, add me, I relapsed after 6 days :pensive: on day 0 now

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@jslee132 brother don’t be discouraged! You got this.



Hey, guys. I’m brazilian and new here. I’m just learning english and knowing this app.



God bless all my brothers in Christ. Let us abolish the chains that have held us back. May we be devoit men of God.



there are sisters here too



Added u bro. Keep it up! U can do this! Fight the urge!

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Keep our eyes to the Lord. And remmember there are many of us here are fighting together. Please pray for all of us here. When the temptation come, run!! Dont think twice to run, but simply run. We have those light, Jesus Christ that overcome the darkness​:muscle::muscle:



I’ve been listening to a song that reminds me of how dependent I am of the Lord and I can’t hide anything from Him. It’s a song in Portuguese called (Ele é - Arrais). I would like to share with you, so I put the lyrics on google translator and here it is.

In the desert I went to, I was thirsty.

Christ came and everything became different

He sees my hidden sins

What I hide in the bottom of my heart

Pour water into my life

Cleans dirt and quenches thirst

What Christ offers, He is

In the dark of who I was, I was afraid

Christ came and everything became different

He sees what I see in the dark

What I hide from the world in my heart

And spread the clay that was still missing

Open the window to find me

What Christ offers, He is

Light of the World, Living Water

Christ, He is Christ, He is Christ

He takes away the sin of the world.

Plant hope in the land of my heart

Christ, Bread that feeds the hungry

Wine crushed and served on the cross for all tired

What Christ offers, He is



Brother and sisters in Christ greerings! I invite you to join our Alpha Family accountability group. You can access it via this link:



Lets do this Bro :slight_smile: 7f9506

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Hi guys, I know even since I fall last time, I never updated much. Truth be said, I don’t watch porn anymore for a long time, but masturbation man…I don’t know whats wrong, it’s just killing me man, relapse in 3 days, sometimes after a week, it just happened so fast, after I relapse, I always just sat there dazed, felt like I was again robbed of my victory, I tried to guard my eyes all the time, even deleted and unfollow a lot of pages and people in order to guard my eyes, but I be honest, it’s so hard, even harder than I ever felt before, knowing that I once overcomed this…but now, I feel like a slave, once freed, now put in chains again…relapse again today…I know I need to do something, I need to once again commit to my decision to put God first in my body, do pray for me guys… eventhough we don’t really even know each others, but let’s do this together



Just want to share this message from Steven Furtick. The main gist is the danger of isolation vs. the risk of intimacy. Which I think is relevant for us who are into addiction. We need help and must let other people know of our story and find healing through relationships but sometimes we run the other way, isolate ourselves, get mired in PMO and end up hopeless, sad, no direction in life which is what’s more dangerous. Better we risk building relationships and be rejected and in pain than die on the inside because of the loneliness and all those negative emotions



Keep fighting, maybe trying to find someone to confess in your church, and rememmber uus here that fighting together in this struggle. Actually we must not only stop the PMO (the activity, and stoping it is a good thing but there is more than that) because usually we have a desire, and when our bad and wrong desire is bigger than our desire to love God, we will often fall. But when we have a desire to love God more than our bad desire, than we can overcome it. So maybe start building more desire to love God and obey Him through spiritual discipline (prayer, devotion time) is something to be considered. And more than that, in prayer (eventhough we dont know each other irl)

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I am a christian and i have never told my parents or family. It hurts always hiding but im just not ready to tell. I really feel guilty for how much i sin but i know god forgives.