Any Christians 2020?

Correction: This is the greatest news :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, the greatest!

I’m wondering should we create a new topic for 2021. Or is this one fine?


@Sacred I guess this should be fine, but you could always hold a poll if needed. Also, there are some good discussions on this thread.


Must read free ebooks for every Christian, especially for the ones that’s from India. Anyone above 25, at the age of marriage should read it before choosing a life partner.


Thanks for sharing! @JonSnow001

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Hello guys,

I am an Orthodox Christian. I follow the more Greek Orthodox tradition. I am always excited to speak with other Christians and encourage them to overcome their struggles.

Feel free to add me and I’ll add back and have a special note in my mind to remember you all in my prayers, particularly when I am struggling to overcome urges myself.

We are united together in the body of Christ so let us do our best to live up to this.

God bless.