Any Christians 2020?

Hey guys, I’ve seen that the previous thread closed. So I thought I’d restart this for 2020, as a space for Christians to help other Christians.


Keen to support/be supported by other Christians on this journey. I’m 22 M from NZ, Christian, at Bible college and keen to kick this addiction. Hit us up, sharing code: sfqyy3


Christian here. May Christ grant us the strength to beat this horrible sin once and for all.

Sharing code: 9c971a


That’s great how regular prayer can help. Rosemary is like a shield to defend from urges. Feeling great guys!

Hey all and I am also a Christian. I am male 22 almost 23 from SA( South-Africa) Sharing code: qx9fy3.

@anon40571799 don’t doubt if your called to the ministry over this addiction. You see everything in life is God’s plan and God’s will. Porn or rather this addiction came over in your life with perpouse. Look don’t get this wrong I am not blaming God for bringing porn or the addiction in your life. You have a free will and choices in life and this bad thing is a temptation from the devil to draw you away from God. You have decided to fight this knowing that it is wrong and to change your life is a way in repentance to get back to God.

See what you do with the experience of it that’s up to you. It wpuld make sense to enter the ministry to inspire young people or those dealing with the addiction to show them the right path and to give them the guidance to lead their life back to God. See that’s the purpose that’s in store in your life for God. Look we all are human we all are sinners. The bible tells us of people like us in faith and they told us what faith is and they too sinned and it also shown their doubts in God. Starting at Moses he had a doubt that elders would think he is speaking nonsense he actually looked for excuses to escape the perpouse as well by saying he can’t speak to the people.

Look at David and Solomon the two well known kings of the bible. Both sinned, but they still gave the wisdom of what faith is. One through the psalms and Solomon that gave knowledge in the book of Proverbs.

There is no need to doubt yourself aslong as you see your purpose in the ministry to inspire young people and make sinners follow Jesus and repent from their sins and change their lives completely in living a life of a Christian. That’s what God is asking from us. He wants us to be His prophets now in the way we talk and in the things we do in life.

Be kind, loving, forgiving and live and life loving the good things and love thy neighbors like you do yourself. Give yourself as a holy offering to God out of thanks for receiving His mercy, His grace. Trust in Him that’s an important aswell as most important love Him and know Him in everything you do.

Stop doubting and note I don’t wanna say why are you a Christian as it is pointless as the people and prophets are sinners as well what is the point in me doing it. Well that’s not how faith works surely we all know this. I mean Jesus came and called sinners to Him and if you understand His teachings you’ll see He came to save sinners to show sinners the way. He also died for our sins to call us back to God and no one is excluded as a sinner, because none of us is perfect and that He also came to show us. He was in a lot of confrontation with those who studied the bible(law) of that time as He gave us the summary of the 10 commandments. As those guys also was think they were better than the rest of society judging people. Jesus warned us not to judge as we will also be judged the way we judge. And He also said don’t remove a splinter out someone’s eye before you removed that which is in your eye. As you read the bible more and go into detail you’ll notice that God calls people (sinners) but let’s say people in general to Him throughout the entire bible and He gave His Son to do that as well. And in Revelation is a final warning and calling to faith as the world is ending and we need to stay strong in faith so we can live for eternity.

Bro walk in faith with it God will show you the way. God bless you all!


Hey, I am a teenager from Australia. I felt that I have seriously strayed from the path of God. I have thought many vile and unnatural things. I do believe in God but when I pray I feel as if he is never listening, and this makes me doubt my faith. I struggle deeply with my sins and I feel a certain darkness in my soul. I don’t want to end up a bad person in life. I want to walk in the path of God/Jesus, to clear myself of lust is going to be my first step. How can I get closer to God? How do I know if he is even listening? How can God help to overcome this addiction. How can I finally be able to form some genuine connections with people. I don’t feel much emotion or love for anyone, but I want to, and I know I can get there. I am open to any suggestions.

Here is my code if you want to add me: hom5tb

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Hey @littleking3597 2 very easy things needs to be done in order to get closer to God and that is praying and reading the bible. It is a common thing for all Christians to feel like God’s not listening. This is feeling is there at the beginning of prayer becomes more intimate.

See how you pray also affects your prayers look at Jesus when he taught everyone to pray. In his prayer He gives praise, he asked for all not just His wants or needs or necessities: ‘…Give US or daily bread…’ ‘Free US from deliverance and lead US not in Temptation’. It is a very unselfish prayer and we should incorporate it in our prayers. He also asked that all of OUR sins will be forgiven. And lastly He glorifies God knowing he is all powerful, and to His kingdom to eternity.

But Jesus said if you seek forgiveness you have to give it that’s also what he asked for when asking for forgiveness.

The thing is you need to understand the fundimentals of prayer in order to pray and feel like God’s listening that’s where the true power of faith and prayer is.

You need to pray alone where you are not get any distractions. Pray always in a honest manner, do not just pray because praying is praying. You need fo pray that you mean every word your saying. Jesus also said an important thing about charity so it applies to prayer as well. Don’t brag that you have prayed for someone. Yes, I know He also said two or more people can gather in prayer, but they need to also be fully involved in the prayer and follow the fundamentals of prayer . Don’t just repeat a prayer or Jesus’ prayer, because you tend just to say the words and not put meaning to it.

But in life it is not about prayer alone and that your prayer will be heard. How do you go on in life? Do you live a life as a Christian or do you just say your a Christian? It don’t matter if you go to church on Sunday and think it is okay just to carry on with your life. No not at all that sermon must have meaning for you and you have to apply what the sermon has taught you. The bible also directs us on faith and the bible teaches us who God is and how He is. You have to read the bible with more intent as well as you do with prayer to learn more and build your faith more. I have a question what is faith actually? What is you definition of faith?

God bless


Hey @Cubenix I really appreciate your message. Thanks a lot. God bless you :innocent::grin:


Yeah man would love to work through this with you! But off the bat, just want to encourage you that God uses the broken to do his work - so don’t think you have to make yourself perfect to be ready to minister. If He’s called you, He has called you. And He wants to work with you to find healing in areas you need it.


Amen to that! God bless you😇

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Wow great thoughts bro! Super encouraging to us all

Good on you for reaching out dude, we’re here to support you. Know that even when we stray and are unfaithful - God doesn’t & isn’t! In the fall of man, sin & evil entered the world - opening us to such thoughts. It’s part of our call as humans to recognise we have these thoughts, but not to entertain and get carried away by them - keeping our minds pure. God is always listening when we pray out and praise him - even if we can’t sense that (listen to the song - “waymaker,” it speaks into this, and will be good affirmation for you). Getting bound in our sin, is a lie of the enemy - Jesus’ blood stripped us of this! That’s not saying we won’t sin, and won’t feel bad for it - but Jesus gives us forgiveness and a path to healing. This darkness your feeling, it would be good to unpack what that looks like, and what you thinks cause that - but know that is not from/of God - and I hope you’ll be able to find healing from it, via prayer, counsellors, etc. It’s so awesome you want to follow Christ, and don’t let your lustful thoughts be a block to that - God calls the broken not the perfect, healing is in his hands/word. I’d encourage you to pray & read your bible as often as you can - daily? The YouVersion Bible App have some great plans you could get into. Also, I reckon you should find a Church community to go to where you come alive, can find trusted people there to share what’s happening, and find support. Also, feel free to use us to talk stuff through with - we’re all on the same journey, as all carry some wisdom. God can help with this addiction - I’ve been finding my Bible reading as a distraction from watching porn, He’s shown me revelation as to why I’m addicted, given me confidence to talk to my GF about it, etc. I’m not sure what your story/context specifically is, but I know God has a plan to free you from this - if you’re willing to work with him through it. In terms of wanting to form connections with people - Church could be a great place to start, join a youth group, serve, etc. God calls us to be in communites of believers - so find your community, and within that find a few that you can share your story with (who won’t judge, but can offer support). Don’t let these thoughts hold you back from that - you’re called to live a full and good life. From the sounds of it there’s a relationships between not having much emotion for others, and how you’re feeling about yourself? Do you think God might be calling you to love yourself more (maybe by coming free from this addiction), in order to love others? PM if you need.

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How do I personal message someone? Help me out. I’m new here😅

No worries, click their profile then press message :grinning:

Thank you 20NZChristian, Cubenix and everyone else for the feedback. From now on I am going to start reading the bible daily, what parts of the bible do you recommend I read. I am going to also start praying at night, I normally only pray at church, but maybe doing it on a regular basis will help me. I am diagnosed with Adhd and whenever I pray I quite often get distracted and this makes it difficult to speak from the heart or go in depth with God when praying. To me faith is believing in something that may not be tangible, having faith in God to me, means that I believe that he will always be there for me. I would like to know what you describe as faith is also. I have downloaded YouVersion Bible and I am going to read the bible every time I feel an urge. Once again, thankyou guys for reaching out, I appreciate it extremely.


Hey there @littleking3597, I recommend you start reading Romans 3:21-31. Maybe use the NLT version, it’s more literal and you can understand it more clearly. Read that for perhaps a week. And when you pray… wait I’m sending you a link for that:

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Hey guys @20NZChristian @Cubenix @littleking3597 @Sacred ! Check out this free sermon on the “Mortification of sin” by Martyn Lloyd Jones

I pray it will bless you all!

Well @littleking35917. Faith can be defined as knowledge and trust.

Okay this sounds tricky, but let me clarify it a bit more. You aquire knowledge from the bible and you need to trust that the knowledge from it is true with 0% doubt in your mind. Because no doubt would obviously mean you’ll know God will be there for you and also the God will fulfill His promises. Now you probably gonna say I might as well have faith in Mohammed or other ‘divines’ that people clam there is. Well firstly if you read the bible God said He is the only and true God and there is no one else but Him, and thus only His word needs to be your top priority and knowledge.

Next issue the bible is written through people, how do I trust that it is actually the real deal. Well if you come to read the bible in the new testament it tells you that the Word of God( the bible) was there in the beginning with God and that the Word itself is God. So this destroyes any doubt that it is wrong. But it is good to look and see what your bible says. You see there is a lot of version’s of bibles. Old, new translations only old testament or only new testament this gives you the nvl and the kjv only a few ideas.

Me personally I use the old translation and new translation of the Kvj. Now why is that well the old translation tend to be more Shakespearean style than the new version, but the older translation tend to have more detail and also referrals to different books in the bible to understand Gen 1:8 a bit more for eg.

The other thing now that’s out of the way what tipe of church. Do the church you join have the same values to your bible. Does it learn you what your bible says or not. Is the knowledge in conjunction with each other? That is what you need to find through the reading of the bible.

Does the church you join say that Jesus was born out of a virgin and he died for our sins and rose from the dead and went to heaven. You don’t need to reply it is just an example. But you also need to understand that all the knowledge needs to align no left or right they need to be exactly 100% with each other.

The Youversion app is awesome and it will also help out alot on reading the bible. Well I don’t really have a specific book I read. I normally pray and ask God for His guidance on what He wants me to read and then I open my bible at random and there were I open it I read the chapter. Say for eg. I open it at Deut 5: 1 then I read it till there is the next subtitle. Or ps 119: 101 well then I start from vers 1 if it doesn’t have a subtitle in between.

To simplify my answer on what faith means to me is it is the knowledge of God that I get through the bible and I need to follow that knowledge as I trust in it and thus I know I can learn more about Gods’ will and what He is like and truely know and understand who He is and not to doubt in Him as He loves us and gives us grace and that we should life our life’s according to the knowledge out of thanks for what He is giving and has given us to one day live in eternity with Him in heaven in the New Jerusalem. Through the salvation He gave us when His son died on the cross and defeated death and freed us from the slavery of sin.

Awesome man. Prayer & reading your bible are a great place to start. On the YouVersion - check out the ‘plans’ section. I’m doing a bible in the year plan, but if your starting out maybe do a shorter plan. You can filter them/search key words to find one you’re intersted in.
I have ADD too so understand the distraction - I just carve out 15 minutes on my day, usually in the morning to listen to worship, read my bible, and pray. I try to keep that as distraction free as possible, but don’t beat myself up if I do - just snap back into it. And in terms of the depths of your prayers, God knows whats on your heart and can work on it, even when you can’t speak the words.
My encouragement would also to be reading/praying from a place of wanting to grow closer to God, rather than just being legalistic and feeling you need too.
Let us know how it goes.

Hello everyone, Christian chap here. My main focus is to kick this habit, that I might say that I am walking in a path that is pleasing to God. In addition to NOFap, i am trying to get rid of anything standing between a good relationship between me and God

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