Any Christians 2020?

@littleking3597 Great! Is it the hillsong church you’re attending?

No, Thomas More parish. The music there is amazing and lively. Great vibes there and everyone is kind to each other. I will pray for everyone here, next week. God bless.

Is this the one?

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JESUS IS THE LORD. JESUS SAVES. Put your all faith on LORD JESUS. He will do miracle in your life. I’m on day 15 only and only due to power of LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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Unfortunately I can’t answer that question or give you specifics on where I go to church due to stranger danger. It’s not that I Don’t trust you, but I can not just Si oly give out information like that unless you gave me a good reason for wanting to know. Are you also living in Perth? I hope you understand. :blush:

Totally understandable😇 no probs

Hey everyone, I need some advice please. So a couple days back I got invited to go to jesus youth, I was so pumped to go tonight.When I got home my dad said I wasn’t allowed to. How am I supposed to reinforce my faith and seek new opportunities? My whole life my parents have abused me both mentally, emotionally and physically. When I was younger I had serous self esteem issues and I developed depression and suicidal thoughts. I don’t think I have ever felt “love” for my parents, to me they are nothing but strangers. Since the seventh grade I made it my priority to go get a job, I have been grinding hours at my workplace for 4 years just so that I can immediately move out and have my own freedom. I always come home from school with a facade. I become quiete and depressed. My whole life I have felt so constricted and I worship freedom now above all else. My home life was the reason I fell to porn so deep. My parents have never told me they love me or that they are proud of me. They always see me as a disappointment and continuously tell others about all my faults. They say I am not even worth five cents or that they would get more enjoyment out of raising a dog than me. I have never really had a conversation with my dad or my mum. To combat this I numbed my emotions. For the majority of my life I had never cried or felt much emotion. Lately this has been changing with the help of trusted people. I understand that it seems like I am having a sook,but the real problem that I have is this “respect thy father and mother”. How am I ever supposed to respect them, I feel nothing towards them, I love all my relatives but I just hate my parents. God says to forgive but how can I possibly do that. How can I possibly just disregard everything they have done and simply “get along with them”. They have hurt me so much, I am broken in so many ways. I know God wants me to forgive them, but I don’t.

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Bro, you are so much loved, and appreciated.
You are here, being honest, opening up - you are helping others by this. You are not alone, ever!

It does say “You must Hate your Father and Mother”
Father will be divided against son, mother against daughter.

For me it is glaringly obvious, we have to choose God above all else.
We are not respecting people and parents by following their bad examples.
We have to, as hard as it is,… Rise above it all, our focus on God, Christ’s example of love.

To respect our parents, we sometimes have to do our own thing.
People are faulty and fucked up, they need help and love very much. We can’t fix them, but we can keep following Jesus, and look up at him on the cross, with his arms outstretched :pray:
Love divine, never ending.

To respect our parents we have to say “no”
To love and respect God, we have to follow him.
We have to let go of the lies and bad dogma our parents, schools and worldly thinking teaches us, and choose God.

Yes, it can feel so tough and impossible at times, especially loving our enemies and people that do us harm - but we must choose God.
We don’t fight fire with fire, but with water.
God is your true father, and the father of mankind, and our parents :pray:
“God’s Love falls like the rain, on the good and the bad”

From a place of love and forgiveness, we can truly learn and grow - it isn’t always easy, especially in business (we can be seen, accused of being overly romantic and naive)
But from that place of Love and Forgiveness we can truly learn. It should always be a starting point, something we constantly return to - asking for wisdom and guidance.
We are not perfect, we can’t save the world alone nor solve all problems - but we can keep asking God, placing our faith and trust in him.
We can rise up and we can be free of slavery :pray:

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I have no doubt that they are here my only issue is the many factions in Christianity. As a whole our fight isn’t with eachother but unseen forces of darkness;mainly Satan Army. Banding together a better idea otherwise we can be picked apart easily by the opposing side.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.

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I am saying a pray for you brother. That God comforts you. Much christian love, may god bless, protect and comfort you. Amen


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Looking for someone to pray for and encourage and who can do the same for me

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Hey @hoofseun. Sure thing man I’ll pray for you and be there for you and I am sure we all will be doing the same. And I will do so for everyone to so if you feel out just give me a shout (pm) I will listen.

So words of encouragement if I may!

We all may have doubts in this time as a lot of fear and uncertainties are getting us under. A lot of things we have to focus on that we can’t do and we are basically forced to do as well as we seem to have lost our freedom and our ways of life. This is all the negative things we have in perspective and the people might say we are naïve to keep on hoping for light at the end of the tunnel.

But we have hope. We have our lives. We have our families and most importantly we have God.
In the normal hustle and bustle of life we lost all that we need. Hope, faith, family and ourselves. Thanks to this virus we have gained what is important to survive and the best of all God is still with us and His will, will be done by this virus.

We need to repent and loosen us from sin, also we have to say to the sinners to repent and change their ways, but most importantly we should never stop praying, reading scriptures and importantly never stop believing!

Keep your hopes up and your faith alive!
Stay strong and awesome!