Am I missing intimacy?

Hi guys.

I am a bit confused about my feelings and dreams.

Sometimes I just feel urge to hug or kiss or just be with someone, some female preferably, but not in a sexual way, more like in romantic way. I just think that I am missing intimacy. I felt that even before nofap and also I had 2 serious dreams about intimacy (kissing, hugging, …) and today during my meditation (I needed special one after work - tough day) I felt asleep few times for brief moment (as it may happen during starting to practice meditation). I dreamed about intimacy (hugging and be with my female friend, on which I have a little crush). Or I think it was a dream, but definatelly felt like one, maybe it was meditation state, I am not sure, as I am new in this.

It is very long time that I am single even witjout ONS and I pushed myself into this journey of nofap (currently longest streak so far).

Lately I am starting to feel more and more this intimacy urge and I am confused if it is normal or my mind is trying to tell me someting (no idea waht the hell it could be) or it is crush related stuff.

Does anyone have any advice or had similar experiences?

Thanks and stay strong :slight_smile:

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The most difficult thing that we have to learn here, on Earth is loving ourself!

Give you all the Love that you deserve. Work on it everyday. Don’t try to take it outside, all this Love is already inside you… Your job is to give it to you.

Well, that is what I am trying to do. I am having hobbies, trying to explore more stuff and find my purpose. Lately I started to meditate and write journal and these feelings started to occure. I know that selflove is most important and I understand the concept and I am trying to implement stuff to achieve that and also find my purpose (here I am thankfull to JB Peterson too).

Problem is that I dont know how to cope with that feeling of lack of intimacy (I guess).