Alex's Journey For a Better Life

Since i keep failing and failing and failing AND FAILING,

I decided to start making a diary. Probably it’ll keep reminding me that i have a goal to not fap.

Entry would be started tomorrow, I just got the regret tonight so yeah.


Wishing you good luck :smiley:


Day 1
Today wasn’t hard nor stressful. As expected of Sunday though. It’s also due to the first day after a relapse that I don’t have any urge for another relapse. I do expect the urge to come in about 4 or 5 days ahead. But I sincerely hope that this effort on making a diary to remind me the no fap goal would eventually help me go through it.


Day 2
Almost similar to day 1, just a bit busier since it’s Monday. No important point to be brought up. No urge too.

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Day 3
Today wasn’t a particularly tiring day, though the morning started off rather bitter. I didn’t have a good night sleep yesterday that when I woke up I still exhausted because i only slept for 4 hours. But thank God the rest of the day is fairly well with not much assignments.

Day 4
Phew almost forgot to made today entry. Today wasn’t much, just a bit sad because i got a bad ending in a Visual Novel i played ;-; but everything else is fine.

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Day 5
Today things are fine. Nothing much worth mentioning.

All the best brother, Keep moving :muscle: :muscle:

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Thanks for the support, thanks to @wall e too for the comment above :smiley:

Day 6
Today was a kind of busier day, or perhaps just equivalent with any other day? I’m not sure but everything’s fine today. It has been 6 days already. I am confident I’m going to get at least 14 days. Haven’t got the urge so far, I hope it goes as long as possible.

Day 7
Pretty normal, only a little urge but no relapse.


Day 8
There’s a noticable increase in urge. I almost convinced by my usual weekend negative thought to look at those stuff. Fortunately I remember about this diary. Imagining the shame on typing “I relapsed :(” in this diary is kind of enough to push back my urges. Combined with the fact I deleted the autologin in the “site” I used before so it makes things harder. It was enough to make me lost the urge.

Day 9
Things goes pretty nice today. I started being able to do some math I wasn’t able to do before. Good improvement. Urge have decreased, smaller than yesterday but still lingers a bit. Pretty controllable. Overall today is fine.

Day 10
Urge strikes really hard today. Took some effort to remove the thought. No relapse luckily.

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Day 11
Today was catastrophic. Not only it’s being stressful, the urge was so strong with the combination of stress, making things goes from worse to worst. I relapsed. It’s shameful to admit it but I relapsed. I hope and will be stronger next time. Sorry.

I guess I should start browsing around the forum on how to deal with urges. Sometimes it’s just really hard.

Day 1
Nothing much to say I guess.

Good luck men you can do it, don t quit!

Day 2
Things are fine, not much things happening. Pretty much like yesterday.

Day 3
Relapsed. I guess that’s all to be said. I’m reading EasyPeasy book tho.

Surprise! I haven’t actually quit, I was just busy all this week because of my midterm exam. But I’ll start doing diaries again like before. Also no relapse so far.