Accountability group to Regain Discipline

Hello brothers and sisters here , As the topic suggests I have lost track of my discipline during the past 1 year.

Earlier I admit, I don’t have huge streaks like many people here but I was proud of the fact that I am Disciplined. I used to workout, meditate , read and pray daily even on the days I relapse.

After a huge setback into life, I got into a depressive like situation which I approached a psychiatrist without my parents knowledge for help . Some Counseling sessions and mindset helped but I lost track of my discipline which is very hard to regain these days.

So I decided to make this thread so that I can be accountable of my daily habits. I will post which habit I want to follow each day , and will update by the end of the day.

I would be happy if people are interested to join me who also have lost track of their disciplined lifestyle so that we can move on motivating each other.

Thank you


Remember when I used to do 40 habits? That is all gone now. I only did 5 yesterday and I am not able to do huge streaks like other people so I say:

Life has ups and downs, and you get to choose between excepting fate or rewrite future’s history. When the past calls don’t answer, cause it has nothing new to say.

Tomorrow is today waiting to happen, what we do today will effect us tomorrow. And today I decided to

π—”π—–π—›π—œπ—˜π—©π—˜ π—§π—›π—œπ—¦!!!

Hey Lion!!! Let me remind you why you are a Lion! You are the strongest in the forest of danger, you are the king of Consistency and when life nocks you down:

𝗬𝗒𝗨 π—₯π—œπ—¦π—˜ 𝗨𝗣 π—”π—šπ—”π—œπ—‘ π—Ÿπ—œπ—žπ—˜ 𝗔 𝗧π—₯π—¨π—˜ π—₯π—œπ—¦π—œπ—‘π—š π—Ÿπ—œπ—’π—‘!!!


So yeah , Lets get started. Idk why it took me lot of time to get approved by moderator to make this topics. It happened first time here. Maybe it happens because I am not regular now

Anyway late is better than Never.

:white_check_mark: represent full completion
:small_blue_diamond: represent partial completion
:x: represent no completion


19 October Goals

:white_check_mark: Workout 1 hr
:white_check_mark: Listening Podcast 45 minutes
:x:Meditate 10 minutes
:x:Pranayama 5 minutes
:x:Study 80 pages of Machine Learning
:x:Practice Classical music
:white_check_mark:Cold shower
:white_check_mark:No fap
:white_check_mark:In shorts reading 10 minutes
:white_check_mark: Eye exercise 10 minutes


I join this guys.

Today goals,

  1. Homeworks
  2. No fap
  3. New words

I completed 10km walk + 20 min exercise


That’s impressive @Heisenberg bro , Keep pushing. If you are consistent with this , You will become super healthy.


This is my 19 day record of October. I basically lack gym access as well as i am vegetarian . Any advice to build muscle

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@Samaranjay or @NukePizza can help

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Hey @rajameghanan how was your day ? Were you able to complete the tasks ?

End of the Day update

19 October Goals

:white_check_mark: Workout 1 hr
:white_check_mark: Listening Podcast 45 minutes
:x:Meditate 10 minutes
:x:Pranayama 5 minutes
:x:Study 80 pages of Machine Learning
:x:Practice Classical music
:white_check_mark:Cold shower
:white_check_mark:No fap
:white_check_mark:In shorts reading 10 minutes
:white_check_mark: Eye exercise 10 minutes

Not a great day , But better than yesterday.

20 October Goals

Workout 1 hr
Meditation 10 minutes
Pranayama 5 minutes
Cold Shower
Study 120 pages of Machine Learning
No fap

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I’m bookmarking this, I’ll write what I know tomorrow.
@Heisenberg few questions are you from India?
Can you buy dumbbells or resistance bands? (Expect 1000-1500 Rs cost)


Yes. Indian here . But i heard resistance bands are not that effective

You can buy some Dumbells from online store bcz you can do almost every muscle group exercise by the use of Dumbells.
But if you can’t buy Dumbells then you can make Dumbells at home.
And the last option exists when you can’t even make Dumbells at home that is you can use two bags as Dumbells. You can increase weight of bags by putting some books or anything in it.
β€’Here are some exercises that you can do easily at home and can build muscles ::

  1. Tricep dips (you can use edge of any strong surface and can increase weight by putting bag on your lap)
  2. Tricep Overhead extension (use bag or Dumbells)
  3. Diamond Pushups (difficult to do but you can master it in long run)
  4. Tricep Kickback (use Dumbells)


  1. Normal Pushups (easiest way to grow chest at home)
  2. Chest dips
  3. Flat or Inclined Dumbell Bench Press (use Dumbells)
  4. Flat or Inclined Dumbell chest fly


  1. Dumbells curls (use Dumbell or bag)
  2. Preacher Curls (use Dumbell or bag and you can use surface like of pillow for it)
  3. Inclined Bench Dumbell curls (use Dumbell or bag)


  1. Shoulder press (use Dumbells or bag)
  2. Front and Lateral Raises (use Dumbells or bag)


  1. Pullups (best way)
  2. Bendover Rows (use Dumbells or bag but not easy to perform at home)

THIGHS (Quads)

  1. Squats (use bag for increasing weight, just put bag on your back)
  2. Lunges

THIGHS (Hamstrings and Glutes)

  1. RDLs (use Dumbells)


  1. Standing calf raises (use Dumbells or bag for increasing weight)
  2. Sitting calf raises (put bag on your knees for best results)


  1. Flat surface leg raises
  2. Crunches and bicycle Crunches

β˜† You can watch videos on these exercises for better understanding. @Heisenberg
β˜† You don’t have to do all exercises, just choose 2 from each muscle group.

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dont focus on gym at all, most exercises there with weights etc. require a good foundation of muscles which you should build with calistenics aka pullups, pushups and other bodyweight exercises

Try to exercise every day, even if its just a little, consistency trumps everything

I repeat

consistency trumps everything


Homeworks :white_check_mark:
New words :white_check_mark:
Workout :x:
Read books :x:

I have almost zero stamina. I cant get pass 10 pushups . I have bought dumbbells but lack bench for bench pressing.


It’s okk… you can start slow… these exercises are not tough. Start with some reps only.

That’s ok… you can do alternative of bench pressing or can use your bed.

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