Accountability for selfcontrol-dopamine detoxing

I meant preparation needed for each subject, chapter etc. Based on priority, effort required and marks to be secured to achieve the goal.
Task to be broken down to small parts for better absorption and speedy preparation.

Allocate your effort and time in such a way that the output is maximum.

You can also take hints from PYQs.

Thanks and regards


Mbbs 1st year…

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@Byebyemediocrity Awesome! I hope to do the same soon :smiley:

Check-in. Here are my goals:

  1. Use Rewire only after 8 pm daily.
  2. Use Habitica social only after 6 pm daily.
  3. Do not visit any of the sites I’m cold-turkey-ing from.

I will simply represent these by :white_check_mark: or :x: instead of repeating them daily, to save time.

@Tagore would you like to join in accountiung?

Today’s accounts

:x: used it a bit before 8
:x: used in the morning
:x: had to update in some sites, did that, won’t go back now

All the best! @Byebyemediocrity


Great job guys, thanks for inviting me too. I’ll be checking - in in my diary bro. Keep going; both of you are real Warriors


Jan 13
Self control
Dopamine detox :heavy_check_mark: (whatsapp usage 8-8:15pm)
Rewire usage (10-10.20pm )

Daily goals
Lipids 8 pages completed out of 56pages :cry:
Basal ganglia 33% completed

Changes needed
Avoid thinking on unnecessary things (think about your goal)
Get up at #5am (haven’t prayed early morning (Fajr) prayer for 150days )

All the very best my friend Ashmatt. Society is in need of doctors like you.

What is meant by cold turkey ? I haven’t heard about that before.


Gone to sleep at 11pm but slept at 12am

Alhamthulillah managed to get up at 5:05am.

Jan 14

Phone usage (20mins whatsapp + 20 mins rewire companion) 11am to 11:40am
:negative_squared_cross_mark: exceeded the phone limit today (more than an hr)

Basal ganglia 50%
Lipids 18/56
Anatomy abd and pelvis 2/6
40% daily goals only reached today
In the morning studied well but in the afternoon wasted a lot of time.
@JumpingBuddha sir correctly told that

I should focus on each and every minute. Many a times I overthink and fear about how I will be judged by my colleagues when I change from mediocre to doing unique things, today in the afternoon I shared a useful study material in our grp after that I started overthinking. After that only I started wasting a lot of time. In the morning my mind was clear.

@Ash_Matt @Tagore joining with you in the accountability Grp for miracle morning


Cold turkey means completely quitting something. Not touching it at all, at least till the required time has elapsed.

Check in

:white_check_mark: all 3 done


I am updating my daily goals:

  1. Don’t use the Rewire Companion app till 8 pm
  2. Dont spend more than 5 minutes at a stretch on Habitica
  3. No YouTube till 8 pm
  4. No visiting the sites I am detoxing from

Tomorrow specific goals-

  1. Plot out the storyline for my novels
  2. Work out or play a Basketball match
  3. Tomorrow I will allow myself to watch YouTube before 8, but after 5 pm, as a short reward because I will achieve another goal tomorrow.

@rewire_user @nofapstar123 @Kaizen @anon64044560
Unfortunately the Chamber of Secrets group fell apart just like the actual Chamber of Secrets so I was thinking we use this group for accounting.
Rules are:

  1. Have daily goals
  2. Have goals for each specific day
  3. Check in

Are you ok with this?

@Byebyemediocrity let’s hit our goals :muscle: tomorrow you should complete the remaining 60% work

Anyone else wishing to join can also join in


I am in brother !

I just have to check in and Upload daily goals.
That’s it.
Right ?
Thanks for the invitation @Ash_Matt
Together we will achieve Greatness.
Let’s Goo…!


15 Jan 2021

:watch:Wake up at 5
:watch:Study at least 5 hours
:watch:Complete pending math syllabus
:watch:Phone usage less than 1 hour.


Let’s do this! @rewire_user @Kaizen

@rewire_user @Byebyemediocrity Hv messaged about Habitica


Yes bro,

Lets start
January 15

  1. Wake up at 6:00 am

  2. Walk go for a morning walk

  3. Study atleast 3 hours tommorow

  4. Bhagwaat geeta


Double okay


Jan 15
Dont use whatsapp :heavy_check_mark:
But phone usage = 2 hrs (due to unnecessary scrolling in telegram,)

Changes needed
Schedule properly by giving enough time for specific qns
Always be optimistic


:white_check_mark: Done, almost 100% :fire:

Tomorrow specific goals:

  1. Complete Biology portions for upcoming test
  2. Plot out the storyline for my novels

Good night @Byebyemediocrity @nofapstar123 @rewire_user @Kaizen @Tagore


I did no tasks yesterday, as more guests are visiting lol


Haven’t done a single task today.
The baddest habit I have is if one thing goes wrong in a day, I will waste the whole day.
I am optimistic in many other aspects of my life.
Today I got up late- so I again and again thought about missing prayer, exercise, schedules. I thought theres no way out. This is the not the 1st time this is happening. But I want to correct this
Any advices I won’t get offended.
@Ash_Matt @JumpingBuddha @rewire_user


Dear @Byebyemediocrity ,

Worry not what has already happened. Worry about the time wasted in thinking of past.

Focus what you have in hand right now, rather than losing the present time thinking about past.

Present actions are the gateway to future.
Learn from past, act now, future will happen.



You are not the only one who is facing all these problems brother ! :sweat:
I have been there too.
Whenever I wake up late, the whole day feels like regret only.
I have no idea on how to tackle this brother !
We have to just let go and take charge of what we have in our hand.
And not let the rest ruin our day !
We lost a battle in a war.
But We will win the war.
Best of luck my friend !
You are a lot stronger than you think !


@JumpingBuddha Thanks sir for your wisdom words.

@rewire_user yeah brother, we will tackle it soon. 1st step is identification of our faults. Thanks for your help