A New Life ( Diary , Male ) For Honour and Mental Fortitude

Today, on this occasion of Mahashivratri, I can safely make this claim that I have surpassed my all time record streak since 8 years. For the past 8 years, there was never a time period when I was able to maintain my composure as long as I was able to this time. Truly miraculous !! Never thought it was even possible untill the power of belief kicked inside me. There was total chaos in my mind but I still chugged along.

That’s right, keep going. Don’t give up !


What’s your streak now if you don’t mind?

There was a time when I could barely clock even a day. But things have changed to the point that I can pull off a week easily. This would not have been possible for me anytime in the past seven years. And yet, I am proud to say that some level of self-restraint has been achieved. I will continue expanding my streak while getting back onto some hard labour.


Another streak continues beyond a week ! I will now put in my daily work routine as checkpoints. It has been a long time.

Time to get back to work and develop some good habits.


Today’s menu:

  1. Study Medicine❌️

  2. Study Finance✅️

  3. Work✅️

  4. Exercise twice✅️

  5. Family✅️

  6. Scriptures :x:

  7. Early to bed✅️


Not much done today…