A New Life ( Diary , Male ) For Honour and Mental Fortitude

Day 1
I have started on this journey from this day and will be documenting my progress on a daily basis. I have come to this forum not only to resist these harmful temptations but also to develop myself mentally and physically. Simply put, I will ponder on my actions on a daily basis.
Each night after meditating, I will follow up on how the day went by. What progress I have made, what actions did I commit, what new things I learned, misunderstandings and lost judgements as well as improvements will be documented.
I am on this journey because… I feel tired of the way the world has become. The constant stimulation provided by the media, the social media, the academics, the various movie and television industries, the newspapers, family and peers. The political and social agendas and an alarmist disposition of this world has constantly increased my cynicism. That and my own constant failures to grow up as a self respecting man. There is nothing I wish more than to develop my mental fortitude and self control. Resilience to tackle the world head-on. In this world, simply to be in control of your mind and body is the greatest victory a man can strive for. And what better way to do that for a man than to control those urges and sexual temptations that deviates him from the missions of his life!

There is the man that I am and there is the man that I wish to be. This journey is simply about getting closer to being that man. All I wish to do is to befriend myself, to clear myself of all other distractions( urges, temptations) and to focus on my goals. Not just focus, but to be completely obsessed with it, enamored by it at all times( 24/7).
By the grace of providence, HERE WE GO!


Best of luck :+1: wish me the same bro

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Go ahead and kill it, my friend. Always remember, the impulses will recur, but to act upon it is under your control. Everything is under your control.

Day 1

Pivotal points:

  1. Woke up late.( 8 hours of sleep, adequate/ more than necessary, focus on rising earlier)

  2. Work- Limited/slacking. Need much improvement.

  3. Workout- Limited. Upgrade to Calisthenics/ HIIT.

  4. Motivation- Read about lives of great individuals in past/ Stoic Philosophy.

  5. Meditation- Incomplete. Read about mindfullness.

Generalized Limited urges throughout the day. Not enough to bother, although distracting.

A very forgetful day, although I hope I end up remembering it as the day that started the journey to infinity. Truly, a journey of a thousand miles start with small steps. Hence, Small steps taken to change the world. My world, that is.

LOTS of improvements required, though.

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I have read diligently a lot of posts on this forum. And I have figured out that a lot of them happen to be young men in early 20s/adolescent age in this forum. And it’s fulfilling to know so many individuals working on to improve themselves. Being much older, I feel like a bit of an outsider. Nonetheless, this place feels alive and well. Never figured out when age caught up to me, heh!

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Day 2


  1. Woke up earlier :white_check_mark: (7:00 AM; need to slowly take it to 5:00AM)
  2. Work-Limited but still to an extentâś…
  3. Workout- Calisthenicsâś…
  4. Motivation- Stoic Philosophyâś…
  5. Meditation- :x: start small(10 min)
  6. Medicine-:x:Again; start small
  7. Plan\affirmation❌
  8. Diet-Homemade but inadequate :x:
  9. Motivation in R companionâś…
  10. Brush teeth before sleepâś… An important habit; scientific consensus provides evidence for better dental hygiene when you brush daily before going to sleep.
    Not throughout the day but harder urges during specific periods. Provocative images being formed in mind. Clearly increased temptations. Got to be careful. Never again!

An ordinary day. Still a very long way to go.
Remember, do not adopt a defeatist attitude. What you are practicing right now is an ideal way of life. A dominant way of life. Because you have both the freedom and power to choose. Keep challenging yourself.

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It’s been four years since my grandmother died. All of us, my parents, my aunts and uncles, cousins and near and dear ones reunited after a long time. And though I wish to, I cannot get enough time to work on my vision.
And yet, I wonder what my grandma would have thought about me. The kind of person I became on the way ! She had high hopes for me.
Maybe I could still make it. To spend every moment I can find, every moment I could squeeze out and put it to work on my shortcomings, that would be an honor!

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Success !!

  1. Woke up at 5 AM :white_check_mark:
  2. STUDIED 4 hoursâś…( Increase to 6 hours)
  3. Exercise-:white_check_mark: Cycling and Calisthenics
  4. mindfullness meditation :white_check_mark:
  5. Studied Financeâś…
  6. Work❌
  7. Documented Dietâś…
  8. Brush teeth before sleepâś…

Urges are becoming bothersome. Need better self control.

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Lost the fight today. Lost a bit of confidence and a whole lot of self respect as well.
The streak went for 10 days.
I hope to cross the 90 day mark now.

Time to go back to basics and reassess my priorities.

I wish I had a companion here. We could compete and support each other, helping each other to reach our goals.


Study- 5.5 hoursâś…
Exercise- weight liftingâś…
Meditation- mindfullnessâś…
Wake up early-6:30 AMâś…
Go to sleep on timeâś…
Diet documented❌
Brush teeth at nightâś…

Improvements required

  1. study-Fix and plan your study topics and hours and decide it a day before.
  2. Exercise- twice a day, hiit + resistance training. Mix it up with cycling and MMA
  3. Wake up earlier. You should get up somewhere around 5 AM.
  4. Don’t forget to focus on other important day to day tasks. Focus on ancillary work.
  5. Talk to people. Make contacts and networks. Being introverted simply doesn’t cut it.
  6. I repeat again. FOCUS on what you are doing. Do not be diverted all the time.
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@immortal227 you ahve some really good motivation i wish you the best!
you deserve to succeed in your goal of getting closer to the amn you want to become
seems like you had a gret day congrats oin that too keep your streek going mate!

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Stay strong man! You can do It.


Study- 5 hoursâś…
Exercise- Calisthenics :white_check_mark:
Wake up early❌
Diet documentation❌
Day planningâś…
Brush teeth at nightâś…

Relapsed today unfortunately. No complaints or blame game. It was your fault. Own up to it.
Going to try and Wake up at 5:00 AM tomorrow.
Better planning and deeper focus on studies.
Meditation for 20 min each day. Make Time!
You know what you want and that gives you an edge, it’s now a question of methodology. How do you reach your goals? That’s the question.

Remember… self- control… the greatest virtue.

I am going to join you today

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Study- 5 hoursâś…
Exercise- martial artsâś…
Wake up earlyâś…
Diet documentation❌
Day planningâś…
Brush teeth at nightâś…
Smartphone hour control❌
Clean upâś…
Urges- under Perfect Control​:white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

A relatively ordinary but still decent day !

Lucky man I failed today again

Relapses occur all the time. But failure is when you give up. So no, you haven’t failed, merely got distracted. Another day begins and the battle continues.

Keep on going.

looks like a great day! congrats!

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Study- 3.5 hours❌ should be 6 hours
Exercise- cycling :white_check_mark:
Meditation- mindfullness 7 minâś…
Diet documentation :white_check_mark:
Clean up❌
Smartphone control❌ should be[<4hrs]
Brush teeth at nightâś…
Communicate with family❌
Urges- under controlâś…

I would call it an ordinary day. Except it wouldn’t had been just a few weeks back. Back then if I had days like these I would feel proud of myself. And yet, I am hungry to better myself each passing day. All this because I’m here among these amazing people, who support me and challenge me on a daily basis. Perseverance and persistence, all day all night, baby!!!

Study- 5 hoursâś…
Wake up earlyâś…
Exercise- limited to brisk walk❌
Meditation- :x:
Diet documentation- completeâś…
Smartphone control- :white_check_mark:
Brush teeth at nightâś…
Communicate with familyâś…
Clean up❌
Urges under controlâś…
Read books before sleepâś…

An excellent day, even though I was busy with relatives and missed early morning study. Even so, I was able to turn today into something productive.