A Cry of Help: Felling really depressed

Hello guys.

Been awhile I have posted here, and trust everyone is doing great.

Just got laid off from work due to the company’s decision.

I want to seek help from you guys, Please drop sites that I can make money online or site that I can learn skills to help make little money online since I am home now and have full internet connection.

Please your contribution will reall help a long way to bring me out of depression.


Oh man, sorry for what happened.
I personally don’t know such sites, but I can give some suggestions, you can try freelancing for earning money.
For skill improvement you can do some courses on Coursera.
I hope you’ll get better advice and direction somewhere.


Sorry to hear that brother. I hope u find some other job soon.


Thank you.
I appreciate


Alright, This is helpful


I am sorry to hear for your loss brother… although about skills and sites to make money online…
It depends on what skills you already have and how much you wanna make.

I can give you suggestions only after knowing what you already know…

Like for example if you are into digital marketing and stuff…then you can contact freelance agency or teams who pose like one on Fiverr and other sites. These agencies don’t work themselves but act as brokers…who find individuals who can complete the task they have taken from their client.




I really needs to know more about fiverr , Please you can private chat me, Please, I really need help

Links to site please

Please, Your contribution is needed

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Brother, I don’t have a lot of personal experience with earning on websites. What little I have heard of is listing products on Amazon and Affiliate marketing. And, if you have a particular skill set that you can teach, you can make courses and sell them on websites like skillshare and udemy. Or you can simply market it on Facebook if you have a meaningful online presence already and avoid the middle man altogether. However, there is no guarantee of a steady income from these sources. I hope someone helps you better than I could. And I will pray that you find a new job asap.

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Hello, I have some experience making money online. These you can do with no skills, except fluent English. It’s improving responses for AI and machine learning, mostly just selecting the better response in your opinion. It’s easy and can pay well on your own time. No set schedule and they pay out often to paypal instead of waiting for a check.


These are both legit, but I prefer the first option. Remo tasks can be a bit soul sucking and require more written responses. But you can make $50 just by completing the application at remo task. Best of luck, brother.


Brother, at least tell us what you already know or your background so everyone can personalise the suggestions

Don’t wanna overwhelm you with options without knowing what will really work…sorry if I feel harsh.


Go to LinkedIn and drop your CV to every job that seems interesting to you. I got my job like this. Throw your CV like seeds in the field, not at all minding whether the pay would be fine or not and all. Do these discussions once they call you. LinkedIn Easy apply is really cool option. Just pay close attention to your CV because if the employer looks at it, they must get impressed or they won’t call. Try looking for IIM master CV format which is really official and looks good when you have some experience to show and you have already done some great work. In the case of Freshers usually a Resume is suggested which has more of words rather than gist of your most important contributions. Freelancing market takes time to settle in and go for it only after you have landed a job for sometime. But if your job is in an area where lay offs are regular, do give freelancing a serious attempt, but only after you are in a proper full time job. Since you have experience, it will not be difficult to land in a job. Be confident and be very bold. Negotiate the salaries properly and don’t get bogged down by the fact that you are jobless. Most importantly believe in yourself. These are tough times, and feeling shattered and all, only shatters more.

Also as @Purity11 said, if you let us know your domain of working perhaps more personalised advices can be given. For now I think whatever I have written above will also land you up in a job at least, be it high paying or low.


For doing courses, Coursera and Udemy are good. Apply to relevant jobs online through LinkedIn


I don’t know much about earning money :money_mouth_face: online but I wil suggest you to find editting jobs on Browser send them your some edited work if they like your work they will contact you.


Amen. Thank you so much bro

No doubt, this is nice, will check it out, and I am sure you have also shared what is beneficial to others. Thank you.

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You are not harsh my bro, It’s a welcome suggestion, but currently, I want to assure you that I am ready to take up any task, my academic background should not be a barrier.

Suggestions well accepted. Thank you.